Trick Banner


A trick banner refers to a banner ad that tries to trick individuals into clicking by faking operating system messages.


Trick banners strive to succeed over “banner blindness” and “banner baggage” by concealing the truth that they are mere advertising mediums. Generally, advertisers are not named, though messages from operating systems and popular applications display as duplicated.

Often trick banners can draw a higher average for click-through rate (CTR). The quality of these clicks may need an inspection; users often click on the “Back” button when they realize that they played right into an advertising trap. Further, considering that trick banners seldom have distinguishing data, they do not obtain any non-click response. Besides CTR, visitor satisfaction is also a complication or precisely the lack of it. Individuals may generate ill feelings towards a website that deceived them and might not choose to visit again.

A trick click-through can also be called a trick-through.

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