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A title tag refers to an HTML tag utilized to interpret the text present as the top line on a Web browser. Several search engines also use this feature as the title of their search listings.


The top section of a Web page displays a title tag. It may display above or beneath the META tags, though it is customary to present (more significant) title tags over the (less significant) META tags.

A title tag holds data that display at the top of the Web browser when browsing a page and at the topmost in search listings.

Composing detailed title tags is a vital aspect of enabling a site to perform well in search engines (and get viewed by users). A well-composed title tag displays on a page without any assistance from relevant data because that is how users view a website that remains unaware of your page.

It is advisable to use a minimum of one targeted keyword or expression, or even more, instead of making use of universal terms that do not make your page unique.

Try to use keywords in the title; to assist search engines and users to recognize the subject of the page. Also, steer clear of possibly being avoided by search engines that utilize smaller titles.

Search engines restrict the number of characters that individuals can use for a title tag and illustrate them, varying from 50 to 70 characters.

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