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Attribution fraud - what is atribution fraud?
Attribution fraud - what is atribution fraud?

Attribution fraud is different from other app frauds because it tricks the system into thinking that it deserves credit for getting you to install the app.

A detailed guide on improving SERP ranking
A detailed guide on improving SERP ranking

Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important because it significantly increases the visibility of your website on search engines. The higher your website ranks on search engine results pages, the more likely it is to be clicked on by users. Specifically, a webpage in the first position on Google’s search results is ten times more likely to receive a click compared to a page in the tenth position. This increased traffic can lead to higher conversions and business growth. Here you can complete guideline what you need to do and how.

Sbloccare un feedback efficace: come coinvolgere il tuo team in una comunicazione costruttiva? (IT)
Sbloccare un feedback efficace: come coinvolgere il tuo team in una comunicazione costruttiva? (IT)

Questo articolo analizza le sfide che i leader si trovano spesso ad affrontare per quanto riguarda una comunicazione chiara all’interno dei loro team. Sottolinea l’importanza della chiarezza nelle discussioni, nelle situazioni e negli incarichi per evitare malintesi e inefficienze. L’articolo suggerisce strategie per migliorare la comunicazione, come la ricerca attiva del feedback, l’apertura mentale quando lo si riceve e la trasmissione diretta e concisa dei messaggi. L’obiettivo è garantire l’allineamento all’interno del team e promuovere operazioni efficienti.

How to prevent click fraud to avoid the loss of your PPC ad budget
How to prevent click fraud to avoid the loss of your PPC ad budget

Your advertisements are ready to create organic income and attract leads through
a fantastic advertisement. Despite all attempts, there are still people and companies who focus on click fraud and make invalid clicks without the intention of making a purchase. What techniques they use and how to secure your campaigns?

What are canonical URLs?
What are canonical URLs?

Article about canonical URLs, which are an essential concept in search engine optimization (SEO) that helps address duplicate content issues on websites. A canonical URL is the preferred version of a web page that search engines consider as the authoritative source. It serves as a signal to search engines to consolidate the ranking signals and avoid dividing them across multiple URLs with identical or similar content. By implementing canonical URLs, website owners can specify which version of a page should be indexed and displayed in search results, preventing potential penalties or confusion caused by duplicate content. Canonical URLs play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of a website’s SEO efforts and ensuring that search engines accurately understand and rank its content.


For a better understanding of the notion, let us start with an illustration of the concept of ad fatigue.

Think about the number of times you have switched channels as a result of seeing the same advertisement fifteen times that evening. Remember all the times when you became so sick of hearing certain advertising that you immediately turned off your TV or radio?

What is duplicate content and how to avoid it?
What is duplicate content and how to avoid it?

A comprehensive article addresses the issue of duplicate content, its effects, and how to avoid it. Duplicate content refers to content that’s identical or nearly identical to content found elsewhere, which can negatively affect a website’s organic search performance.

Image licensing, ownership and usage –  the comprehensive guidelines for photographs and common users
Image licensing, ownership and usage – the comprehensive guidelines for photographs and common users

This comprehensive guide provides insights into image licensing for professional photographers. It explains the legalities of photo usage rights, clarifies the scope of licensing, and delves into critical elements that photographers should include in their licensing agreements. The guide also explores the significance of author attribution, considerations around sublicensing and usage rights transfer, and offers guidance on determining licensing fees, alongside a discussion on image licensing within the realm of stock photography.

What is CPM (cost per mille) and CPT (cost per thousand)?
What is CPM (cost per mille) and CPT (cost per thousand)?

Short article about most used pricing models used in digital marketing (CPM and CPT).


Your comprehensive ad bidding plan will determine how much of your advertising revenue you generate. When you tailor your ad content to the appropriate market, PPC advertisements typically succeed.

To maximize the use of your advertising budget, avoiding click fraud and directing organic traffic to your sponsored advertisements may seem like a difficult job. But one may optimize their ad campaigns appropriately by mastering the fundamentals of ad auctions and the Google AdWords bidding technique.

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  • I will only ever recommend what is best for your business.
  • I have huge overlaps into other areas of marketing. As you may know to become a successful in digital marketing, you must be familiar with each type of online marketing. But many sections of digital marketing overlap. PPC, content or PR, for instance, contributes to SEO. And you have to know what types of synergies they can create or how they can interact with each other (in positive and in negative way). As I had hand on practical experience with all areas of digital marketing I can provide you an expert advice.
  • My reputation is critical to my success, so I will never lie or over-promise. If your requirements are beyond my ability, I will recommend the best freelance designers / developers / marketers I know (and only those I work with in the past). And can even project manage them for you if necessary.
  • I will spend time to understand you, your business and your requirements. For jobs that require more of my time I can work within your team at your offices either all the time or occasionally. For everything else I will schedule face-to-face or online meetings with you/your team. I use tools such as Asana, Skype, Viber to ensure communication is clear and projects run efficiently.

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  • As founder of digital agency I can reach any of our 20+ internal colleagues or 100+ certified external collaborators or proven subcontractors.
  • I also have a very wide network of contacts and most of them I know personally. So you are not limited only by my knowledge (as you know – nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something). I learned in the past how important is to know who to call or whom to ask. In case I hadn’t been able to find a solution on my own, in 99 % of cases someone from my contacts can help you or probably will know the solution straight away.
  • This can speed up the delivery a lot and you will always get the high skilled expert for specific area. And what more – you are sure, the work you need will always get to the final state. As you probably know relying on only one person can sometimes be very tricky.
  • Also my team can easily handle also big projects where you need professional, synchronized and well coordinated team of experts.
  • In addition, we offer flexible prices. We are not too expensive, but also not having the lowest prices on the market :-). However we primarily work for large corporate companies and organizations, small business can still afford us too – if their project is meaningful, we can adjust prices to client’s needs.

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