Splash Page


A splash page refers to a branding page that appears just before the home page of a site.


Splash pages are graphic-intensive pages that display before the main home page. A few of these pages highlight standard graphic formats like GIF and JPEG. Other aspects involve Macromedia.

Flash that demands a special plug-in (a visitant should download if he or she does not possess one). Some of these pages reload automatically to the home page after fulfillment; others need visitants to prod upon an entrance button or a text link.

A few advertisers consider that splash pages are a requisite for brand experience as individuals may not see them in the same regard.

Notably, some highly-trafficked addresses on the Web utilize splash pages.

Individuals often utilize the terms splash and flash page reciprocally. It may be correct that several splash pages utilize Macromedia Flash technology, though the words are not interchangeable, as some splash pages do not make use of Flash.

Helpful Article to Understand Splash Page:

Splash Pages: Pros and Cons (March 3, 2002)

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