Above The Fold


The part of a webpage that can be seen without a scroll down.


Subject to changes in the resolution of the viewer’s monitor, the fold changes. As compared to higher settings, the fold stretches up much higher on the page in lower settings. The final decision regarding what applies below or above the fold hinges on a minimum range of resolution.

Advertisers often prefer higher placements because they think more people will view and click on their ad this way. There are banner exchanges that are more straight-forwards. They only exchange above-the-fold impressions for alternate above-the-fold impressions. If one places a banner ad on top of the framework that has the main content, the ad will be seen before the loading of the main content. Being on top of the fold is preferred for bringing about awareness if the banner is permitted to pre-load. On the other hand, if the ad server is over-occupied, the image might take longer to load, and the viewer will just keep scrolling. If so, placing it on top of the fold might be unsuitable.

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