Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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It is a process in which targeted keywords are chosen related to the particular website so that the website appears on search engines when a particular keyword is searched by the user.


SEO, as well as its interrelationship with search engine spamming, sometimes becomes difficult to understand for people. Typically, SEO enhances user-experience when done right, while search engine spamming leads to a bad impression. However, sometimes the two can be difficult to differentiate when giving examples of each.

SEO includes building pages in a way that is readable by search engines and focus on main topics that are related to your content. Essentially, optimization ensures that a website does not become a part of the invisible web (a website section that cannot be accessed through Search Engines). Moving forward, advanced optimization may also require extra research on each element of the site page, which includes all the features of the page design, its format, as well as off-page standards.

Developers must be aware of the target keywords before they optimize a page. This includes looking for target keywords, checking their trends, evaluating competition extent, and determining which keywords are relevant to your content.

Pricing Models involve:

  • one-time flat fee
  • revenue sharing
  • monthly fixed fee
  • pay-per-ranking
  • pay-per-click

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