Return Days

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The total days in which an affiliate can expect to gain a conversion commission (lead or purchase) through a referred website visitors.


If 45 return days are promised by an affiliate program, the advertiser can get the commission for conversions that take place through the initial click-through any time before the 45 days’ limit. Visitors might visit the site later on directly without clicking on the affiliate link, as the software continues to track the customer’s origin.

If zero return days are offered by the affiliate program, commissions can only be obtained for conversions gained on the first visit after the initial click-through. If a visitor quits the target website, the advertiser will lose its commission, even if the customer return within a matter of a few seconds to process the purchase.

There are differences in how affiliate programs receive credit for purchases if a customer follows more than one affiliate links before the purchase. In some cases, the affiliate programs consider the first affiliate link, while many prefer the last link.

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