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It is the overall quantity of outgoing traffic coming from a website, mostly calculated in gigabytes (GB).


It generally omits email. It is important to note the dissimilarity between data transfer and bandwidth as it can be confusing.

Data transfer refers to a sum total whereas bandwidth refers to an estimate. An example is purchasing 128 kbps of bandwidth for a data transfer of 40 GB, at the most, on a monthly basis.

128 kbps = bits = bytes
per second 128,000 16,000
per minute 7,680,000 960,000
per hour 460,800,000 57,600,000
per day 11,059,200,000 1,382,400,000
per month 331,776,000,000 41,472,000,000
divide by one billion

~41 gigabytes/month


There are many hosts who use the terms data transfer and bandwidth for the same reference, referring to a monthly data allowance as bandwidth.


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