Data Studio


It is a feature provided by Google for free that enables customers to create customized reports with the help of data taken from the advertising services of Google as well as extrinsic sources.


Data Studio is a feature for reporting by Google made for power users who desire to go one step ahead of Google Analytics, its dashboards, and data. Data Studio includes widgets that are well-known for having diversity, multiple options for customizing, and live and immersive control options (for example pagination of tables and sorting columns). Sources of data constitute products of Google (YouTube, AdWords, Sheets, Analytics, Search Console, etc.), file upload, “community” connectors, database connectors, and well-known advertising services too.

Data Studio originated from the Google Analytics 360 suite establishment. Google declared a free model of data studio for small groups and independent persons in May 2016. Back then, both the free and paid versions were dissimilar to each other. For example, the two versions differed when it came to making the possible number of reports by each account. It was not until February 2017 that Google made the announcement that Data Studio could have free reports without any limits. Ever since this announcement, dynamic features and improved functionality have been included in Google Data Studio for free use.


Official Site: Google Data Studio

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