Mobile malware

Mobile malware

November 28,2023 in Online Advertising Glossary | 0 Comments

Mobile malware is bad software made to get into mobile phones and tablets. It can come from ads or apps and does things like steal important information, use your device in ways it shouldn’t, lock your device and ask for money to unlock it or create fake internet traffic.

What is mobile malware?

Malware is a well-known problem for computers. But now, as more people use mobile phones a lot, bad people like hackers and fraudsters are attacking phones too.

Mobile malware is mostly bad software that gets downloaded onto your phone without you knowing it.

Click injection: How mobile malware works

Mobile malware is bad code that runs on your phone without you realizing it.

Sometimes, it’s already on the phone when you buy it, especially with cheaper phones. But usually, it gets on your phone through apps, especially ones from places other than the official app store or apps you add to your phone yourself.

It’s used to steal important info, use your phone in ways it shouldn’t be used, lock your phone and ask for money to unlock it or create fake internet traffic.

Why mobile malware is important?

For people who work in mobile marketing, mobile malware is a big deal. It’s often used to hijack clicks and installs, which can mess up marketing efforts.

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