Click hijacking

Click hijacking

November 21,2023 in Online Advertising Glossary | 0 Comments

Click hijacking is when bad people try to trick the system with mobile ads. They try to make it look like they were the reason an app was installed by being the last one to show an ad before someone opens the app.

What is click hijacking?

Click hijacking is when someone tricks a mobile phone into sending fake reports that someone clicked on an ad. It happens right after a real click.

It’s usually caused by bad software hidden in apps that look okay, or in apps you get from places other than the official app store.

How does click hijacking work?

When someone clicks on an ad, the bad software on a phone sends a fake click report from another network. This way, it steals the credit for the click and any app installs that happen because of it.

To find out if click hijacking is happening, look at your detailed data reports. Check for sources that send click reports just seconds after a real click from a different source.

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