Business At a New Level: Connecting with Customers Using the Recently Updated Google My Business

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When the global widespread of coronavirus affected us at the start of 2020, many business owners had to make extreme changes to meet their customer’s new demands in an endlessly changing environment.

A slight decline in people using the “Near me” feature was observed at the start of lockdown. However, since then, it has picked up its pace again. This shows the importance of businesses, whether big or small, to present themselves virtually.

In the pandemic, approximately one-third of customers have bought from a brand they were not familiar with. Therefore, this article will help you understand the techniques for introducing your upgraded services and turn new visitors into customers.

Frequently Asked Questions by the searchers

Can I engage in a business deal with you?

When you think about Google My Business profile and the adjustments to your information, the critical factor is to inform new searches how you both can engage in a business deal.

It must be made certain that all of the necessary location data is updated; this includes your precise working hours and availability.

Moreover, you should also keep in mind that users can easily reach you if they have any questions. This includes providing your correct phone number, observing your Q&A section of Google My Business, and responding if you have the staff. These are techniques that attract users to your business and convert them into customers.

Types of safety measures you should take for your customers and employees

Users prioritize the health and safety of their clients and staff. Therefore, this information should be visible in your storefront so that they know how necessary these safety measures are to you.

All the customers should be aware of the safety protocols you’re observing and how this may affect your dealing with them. These precautions may include; keeping a six feet distance during queues or wearing masks. Providing this information beforehand ensures that engaging in a business deal will be much easier for both of you.

List all the different services that you are offering and how do these make you unique

By communicating the changes that businesses and customers have had to adapt due to the novel coronavirus, you will acquire new customers while enjoying the old ones’ loyalty.

Provide accurate information about the changes you have made in either your products or services. This is particularly important for companies facing supply chain disruptions because they are constantly engaged.

Tips for businesses to communicate new and updated services on Google My Business

1- Keep updating your features

Google has been introducing many new features, and they will keep introducing new ones. It may include information like whether you offer your services virtually or in-person, appointments, pick up or delivery, and the safety precautions you take for customers visiting physically. Make sure you implement all the appropriate features to your business.

2- Announce products and services

If this applies to you, you should use this technique as a great way to roll out new products and services or existing functions.

3- Update Google Posts

Temporarily, Google has lifted its limits for API access for chains. Thus, all businesses should benefit from Google posts because it enables you to provide appropriate updates regarding brief closures, products and service updates, gift voucher options, and offers or sales.

4- Post recent pictures

Continuous buyers may be confused by a changing outlook of services, products, or location. So, keeping your images up-to-date is essential. Nowadays, many smartphones come with a high-resolution camera that will be sufficient even if you capture a few pictures each week and upload them.

5- Add Additional Hours

Making customers aware of your additional hours will benefit you in making your EXTRA offers known. For example, your virtual functioning hours, hours for older people, drive through hours, pick-up hours, etc.


Distinct Industry Feature to take into account


The coronavirus has affected the healthcare industry the most, mainly if we see it from a digital perspective. The sick and healthy both have had to think of how they can fulfill their healthcare needs. Healthcare companies are making changes to look after the needs of old and new patients. The coronavirus caused physical appointments to shift to the digital ones. Recent research reported that the last week of March 2020 had a 154% rise in telehealth usage, and it’s increasing further.

After analyzing this data, Google introduced a telehealth link for the healthcare industry at the beginning of April. This provided the healthcare corporations a way to serve patients with non-urgent medical needs who are physically anxious to visit the clinics.

Introducing telehealth services was as crucial as providing the information of Coronavirus testing centers. Google My Business collaborated with numerous third-party health organizations, including Castlight, to collect data for new testing centers. The coronavirus testing data was introduced in a phase by phase method and has evolved in the previous months. This is the most appropriate and crucial service you can enlist on your Google My Business profile.

Retail Stores

Inventory fluctuation and the ordering methods have been some of the toughest challenges that retailers have faced since the pandemic began. Hence, companies of all sizes have integrated product purchasing features and Live inventory on their GMB listing. To support businesses, Google even introduced free product listings in the United States.

Once the retailers have made it easy to check what products are available in their stock, they also have had to get accustomed to different delivery methods and pick up. For example, contactless delivery, enabling “buy online, pick up from store,” and curbside pick-up. Google has recently updated to highlight each of these features, so businesses should make sure the locations for each offer are reflected.

Financial Services

The Banking sector hasn’t been privileged with these many options because of the nature of its field. Banking clients have been depending on online banking services and the drive-through support, including the safety protocols they have been observing at the local branches. The banking sector can further comfort their clients by providing information on the special drive-through hours and the various methods they can use to engage with the bank.

Restaurants and Cafes

Hotels, Cafes, and Restaurants have faced a continuous change in mandates that instruct the limitations on when and how they can open. They had to modify their services such as dine-in, takeaway, and delivery based on their location. Cafes have been restricted to provide outdoor dine-in service only, and some restaurants have been limited to smaller spaces to implement Social Distancing.

Google My Business has numerous attributes that help the client in providing information about your dining strategies. Restaurants should make sure to keep their Dine-in, Take-out, and delivery attributes enabled. It is beneficial for customers to know the services you provide by updating posts to describe accommodations. If you are offering online orders, reservations, and delivery services, make sure you use the Online Ordering feature that activates the blue action button.


As this pandemic has made many significant changes in our daily lives, businesses and industries have tried their best to comfort their customers to engage in the simplest way possible. Utilize these strategies to make consumers aware of the updates on your Google My Business profile, where most of the “near me” searches are occurring.

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