World Sleep Day — 18th March, 2022

World Sleep Day — 18th March, 2022

One of the most common aspects of human life is sleep and we consider it silly to even talk about it because who just doesn’t get sleep? We all love to sleep, don’t we? But not all of us are getting it. Some people may face tremendous problems when it comes to sleep such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and other problems that contribute towards them not getting enough sleep and this can have disastrous impacts on their lives and the ones around them. Sleep problems are quite underrated but they can be a real challenge in the long run. That is why, in order to address such sleep problems, world sleep day came into existence.

What is World Sleep Day?

World Sleep Day is established by the World Sleep Federation (WSF) and the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM). The basic aim of this day is to address the people who suffer from a variety of sleep problems. It also tends to educate people on the importance of sleep and how it can affect their well-being. World Sleep Day will also help people in acknowledging their sleep problems and the possible treatments for those problems. In this way, people can view and experience sleep on a whole different level.

When is World Sleep Day 2023?

World sleep day is celebrated on Friday of the second week of March and in 2023, it’s going to be celebrated on the 17th of March.

What is the theme of World Sleep Day 2023?

The theme of World Sleep Day 2023, which is held on March 17, is Sleep is Essential for Health. Sleep has an unquestionable positive effect on our health. Yet it is underestimated. In our pursuit of productivity, we often skip it and tell ourselves that all we really need is a moment. Yes, a moment of sleep may be enough to keep you from feeling tired the next day, but your body suffers from a lack of sleep. You may not notice it in yourself right away, but in the long run, sleep deprivation is a big problem. That’s why this year we’re focusing on the need to sleep and sleep enough.

What was the theme of World Sleep Day 2022?

The theme of world sleep day 2022 was quality sleep, sound mind, happy world. The slogan for world sleep day 2022 gave the delegates, healthcare professionals, and people from all over the world to discuss things like:

  • The main factors that drive quality sleep and what can be done to achieve those factors
  • How a good night’s sleep can result in a sound mind by tackling mental health issues such as stress and anxiety. Also, how a healthy sleep pattern can aid in the decision-making process
  • How a good sleeping pattern can create a happy world and affect people on a global level.

History of World Sleep Day

Since 2008, world sleep day has been acting as a platform for raising awareness that not only celebrates the importance of sleep but also aims to treat all those people who suffer from any kind of sleep problem. Each year, world sleep day is celebrated on Friday which comes before the Spring Vernal Equinox. On this day, about 155 events occur all over the world and about 88 countries actively participate to raise awareness among the people.

World Sleep Day puts its entire focus on sleep-related issues, possible medication for sleep issues, and education regarding sleep-related issues. It also deals with the social effects that the deprivation of sleep can cause. If the sleep problems are left untreated, they can cause severe problems and hijack your healthy life. That is why it is quite important to keep a check on these problems and come up with a solution timely.

More than 50 to 70 million people are combating some kind of sleeping disorder, about 25 million people are suffering from sleep apnea and the most common sleeping disorder is insomnia. Insomnia is a condition where a person can’t fall asleep for either a full night or many nights in the end. (This information is provided by the American Sleep Association)

The world sleep day committee of the world sleep society organizes World Sleep Day. This day came to the surface when a large number of healthcare providers and professionals joined their heads to research sleep disorders and possible remedies. In addition to the healthcare providers, world sleep day also brings various communities together in order to find solutions for the people facing sleep problems and prevent sleep problems for the people who haven’t experienced them yet.

The hands behind the development of the world sleep society are those of Dr. Liborio Parrino, MD, and Dr. Antonio Culebras, MD. Both of these doctors were also the first co-chair members of world sleep day. World sleep society is a non-profit organization that widely contributed to helping fund research for escalating sleep issues at the global level.

As of today, the world sleep society collaborates with a number of organizations to reach as many people as possible and let them know about the catastrophic effects sleep disorders can have on a person’s health. After all, it’s all about spreading the word, isn’t it? Let people know where they can find help so that they can restore a normal sleep pattern and lead a healthy, amazing life.

How can you celebrate World Sleep Day?

You can easily enjoy World Sleep Day. But, you got to make some efforts to shift to a healthy sleep pattern and make your life better. Take a look at the below-mentioned ways and learn how you can celebrate world sleep day to its fullest.

Take a nap

The best and the easiest way to celebrate world sleep day is to spend the entire day sleeping. After a tiring day, we all doze off the minute our heads meet the pillow. But the moments in heaven finish off just after a little while and you have to get back to the real world again. However, on world sleep day, you can sleep as much as you want. You may not know it but you need your sleep to feel refreshed and active. If you can’t take the day off and have to go to work, you can take a nap for 15-20 minutes during your lunch. If you feel a boost of energy when you wake up, you’ll know how much your body needed this rest.

Practice sleep hygiene 

Sometimes when you’re just too tired, you can’t seem to fall asleep right away. In this situation, you need to give your sleep routine extra attention and care so that you can have a healthy sleep pattern. The practice of sleep hygiene will allow you to quiet not only your brain but body as well and prepare them for a good night’s sleep. There are a variety of relaxation routines and healthy habits that you can consider to practice sleep hygiene and some of them are listed below.

  • Keep your bedtime and wake time fixed. This allows your body’s circadian rhythms to work properly.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercising helps you have a good night’s sleep. Therefore, do a little cardio or brisk walk, 2-3 hours before going to bed. It has been noted that people who don’t exercise may struggle to have a healthy sleep pattern.
  • If you’re a coffee-lover, this may be bad news for you. In order to have a sound sleep routine, you need to reduce your caffeine intake because it generally makes your mind and body quite active and refreshed. We’re not saying you have to totally cut caffeine out of your life. Just don’t drink caffeinated products 6 hours before going to bed.
  • Keep the temperature of your room between 16-19 degrees C or 60-67 degrees F.
  • If you already struggle with sleeping at night, don’t expect that you’ll sleep the minute you lay down. That’s why it is optimal to give 30 minutes to your bedtime routine. You can listen to soothing music or read a boring book, whatever helps you sleep at night!
  • Tell your brain that it’s time to doze off by dimming the lights.
  • The blue lights coming from your electronic devices can be a hindrance to good sleep rhythms. Thus, it is advised that you should turn your electronic device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer off an hour before you go to bed.
  • One of the best ways to practice sleep hygiene is through meditation. Stress can alter your sleep pattern and thus, you can do some deep breathing to extract all of that stress out of your system. Once your body relaxes, it’ll understand that it’s time to sleep.

Download a sleep app 

Downloading a sleep app can also help you in fixing your sleep routine. There are a number of apps that you can use to deal with your sleep-related issues. Slumber, Sleep Cycle, Reflectly, and Calm are some of the sleep apps that can assist in relaxing your mind and pushing it towards sleep. During the night, these apps can also be used to measure your sleeping rhythms.

Participate in a sleep awareness event 

If you have no trouble sleeping at night, you can still be a part of the world sleep day by donating to a sleep fundraiser. In this way, you can help healthcare professionals to research more about the sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea. You can either connect with an online sleeping foundation or you can participate in a local event or both.

Consider buying a new mattress 

Other than sleep disorders, you may not get enough sleep due to poor sleeping posture. You can use the world sleeping day as an excuse and buy yourself a new mattress or an entire bed. You will see a huge difference in the amount of sleep you’ll get on a new bed. Some companies, for example, Sleep Number, also provide the services of customizing the mattresses according to your needs and requirements.

Consult a sleep professional 

If nothing else works, it’s time you should talk to a sleep professional. The sleep professional will advise you to take some tests and ask about your sleep hygiene. He/she will also make some recommendations on how you can fix your distorted sleep pattern.

Spread the word on social media 

Another way to celebrate world sleep day is by spreading the word on social media platforms. You can use the hashtag #WorldSleepDay and let your followers know how important it is to have a healthy sleep routine. You can also raise awareness on these platforms regarding insomnia, sleep apnea, and various other sleep issues people have to deal with.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the future dates of world sleep day?

World Sleep Day always occurs on a Friday that comes before the Spring Vernal Equinox. Keeping that in mind, the future dates of world sleep day are:

  • 2024: March 15
  • 2025: March 14
  • 2026: March 13

The date for the years after 2026 hasn’t been revealed yet.

How many sleep hours are required for a person to have a healthy life?

The number of sleep hours depends primarily upon the age of the person. However, for adults, a minimum of 7 hours of sleep at night is required to have a healthy life. However, individuals residing between the ages of 13 to 18, need 8 to 10 hours of sleep per day.

Why is world sleep day important?

In the past, various people believed that sleep shouldn’t be a person’s top priority. If one has to succeed in life, one has to pave the way to success through hard work and if they don’t get enough sleep because of that, it’s alright. World Sleep Day is created to stand up against such beliefs and promote a healthy sleep pattern among people. Working hard is no doubt essential to be successful and you shouldn’t put your sleep and ultimately, your health at stake. World sleep day is important because it raises awareness among people regarding the significance of sleep and how essential it is for an individual’s health. In addition to that, world sleep day also addresses a wide range of issues related to sleep.

Some last words 

One of the foundational pillars of health is sleep and it is highly important to have a good quality sleep every day. Sleep can not only impact your physical health but also take a toll on your emotional health. Many people struggle with their sleep patterns and have trouble getting enough sleep. So, join hands together and celebrate world sleep day to let the world know how vital it is to have a good night’s sleep. It’s about time you fix your sleep schedule!

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