World Press Freedom Day — 3rd May, 2022

World Press Freedom Day — 3rd May, 2022

May 3rd acts as a reminder for the governments of all nations about the need of respecting their commitment towards press freedom. The day is also celebrated to reflect upon the issues that the media professionals face regarding their professional ethics and freedom.

The day is also important for the support of the media that is often a target for abolition, or restrain of press freedom.

World press freedom day is also commemorated to remember the scarface of lives that journalists made to bring out great stories.

The Republic of Uruguay and UNESCO organizes an annual world press freedom day international conference that focuses on the impacts of the digital world on the freedom of expression, safety of journalists, access to privacy and information, and much more. Some strong recommendations are made in the conference to address the issues.

This day brings together stakeholders, journalists, media representatives, legal experts, and other professionals to discuss the issues and to develop a solutions that can address the issues or threats posed to the press freedom and privacy by increased surveillance.

Why is World Press Freedom Day Named So?

The day was introduced by the United Nations General Assembly on the 3rd of May as World Press Freedom Day. It was named and started to raise the awareness about the importance of freedom of the press and to keep reminding the government of their duties to protect, respect, and uphold the right to express their emotions, freedom of expression, and to make journalism easier under the Act 19 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to mark the Windhoek Declaration anniversary as a statement of press freedom principles gathered up by Windhoek, an African newspaper journalist in 1991.

When is World Press Freedom Day 2022?

The world press freedom day is celebrated on 3rd of May. This year the day is on Tuesday. The day is celebrated to highlight the importance of free press. The citizens need freedom to seek, impart, and receive valid information to make informed and sane decisions. And to spread valid information, the first requirement is freedom of press.

What is the Theme of World Press Freedom Day 2022?

This year theme is “Journalism under digital siege.” This theme aims to shed light on the different ways through which the freedom of press is being threatened by surveillance and also highlight the digitally-mediated attacks made on journalists as well as the results of all the trust that the public put in digital media.

History of World Press Freedom Day

The world press freedom day was announced in December 1993 by the UN General Assembly after the recommendation of UNESCO’s General Conference. The day is since then celebrated worldwide on 3rd of May on the anniversary of the Declaration of Windhoek.

After the historic connection of 30 years to seek, impart, and receive information and to keep the public goods as relevant as it was in the past when the documents were signed. May 3rd also acts as a opportunity to:

  • Commemorate the basic principles for press freedom
  • Analyze the worldwide state of press freedom
  • To save media from the threats on their independence and freedom of speech
  • To pay respect to the journalists who sacrificed their lives to fulfill their duties.

What to Do on World Press Freedom Day? | World Press Freedom Day Activities

If you’re thinking about the activities that you can perform on world press freedom day then we have got some listed down for you.


Reading about the day and press will increase your knowledge. You can be aware about the importance of the day and know the ways through which you can support the movement. It will also come in handy if you have curious kids. You can teach them about this day by reading to them. You can also read about different journalists who made major sacrifices to fulfill their duties and pay tribute to them.

Join global conference

Every year on 3rd of May the UN hosts a conference where they discuss all the issues that are faced by the media and journalists. They also make recommendations to support and protect them. You can join that conference for free and spend your day by getting awareness about the issues of the media today and try to make their job easier for them at your end.

Join parade for awareness

The day also celebrates the anniversary of the Declaration of Windhoek as well as the remembrance of sacrifices made by journalists. You can find if there is some march or parade happening on this day and can be a part of it. It won’t require you too much effort and you can show that you support the work of journalists by being there with them.

How to Celebrate World Press Freedom Day?

Many cultures organize different events to highlight the significance of press freedom in their culture. Here are some of the ways you can celebrate the day in your culture;

  • Be a part of UNESCO awarding ceremony for deserving organizations, people, and institutions. These awards are given to the ones that had a huge part in the promotion and defense of press freedom in any continent of the world. You can be a part of the ceremony and appreciate the efforts of those individuals.
  • Go to art exhibitions organized by various government ministers and officers to honor the awards for the journalists and their efforts.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is World Press Freedom Day Celebrated?

The world press freedom day is celebrated to highlight the basic principles of press freedom, to protect press freedom all around the globe, to focus on defending the media from threats to their independence, and to pay respects and tribute to the journalists who lost their lives for their profession.

When is World Press Freedom Day?

The day is celebrated on the 3rd of May every year.

Who started World Press Freedom Day?

The world press freedom day was announced in 1993 by the UN General Assembly after the recommendation adoption at the 26th session in 1991 of UNESCO’s General Conference.

Who Can be a Part of the World Press Freedom Day Conference?

The conference is for everyone including news media, journalists, policy makers, NGOs, students, artists, businessmen, academics, and other individuals from all around the globe who are working for or in journalism.

Is the World Press Freedom Day Conference the Same as the World Press Freedom Day?

The annual world press freedom conference serves as the global celebration for world press freedom day. A worldwide celebration takes place on the 3rd of May. The event takes place on the 3rd of May internationally and anyone can join it.

Will I be charged for participating in the conference?

No, the world press freedom conference is free of charge and you do not have to pay for it.

Do I have to register?

Yes, one needs to register to gain access to the conference platform with the freedom to participate in sessions and other meetings. You will have to do advance registration.


Each year on the 3rd of May the world press freedom day is commemorated to celebrate the journalists and to talk about the issues they face while reporting the truth to the world. And since it is not an easy task to report the truth, journalists need press freedom which is guaranteed to them by the constitutions of different democratic nations and in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the UN.

The day is celebrated so the Freedom of press could be taken more seriously to keep the journalists safe while they deliver sensitive information during their duties. It should be considered as the most important responsibility. Also, their freedom of expression and speech should be respected by the officials and public to make their duties a bit easier for them.

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