Eat What You Want Day — 11th May, 2022

Eat What You Want Day — 11th May, 2022

Stopping yourself from eating your favorite food can be tough. That is why the world eat what you want day has been introduced on the 11th of May. On the world eat what you want day, people are encouraged to let go of everything and treat themselves with their favorite food.

You can be a sweet tooth or carbs loader for a day without worrying about running a marathon. Also, the best part is you can have breakfast for dinner. Because on this day, no one is going to judge you on what you are eating.

National eat what you want day, celebrated worldwide on May 11th, allows diets to be laid aside for a day of indulgence. It’s about enjoying one day a year where one eats without guilt. Whether you enjoy doughnuts or fast food, this would be the day to indulge without regret.

Chili cheese dogs, fatty steaks, French fries, tortilla chips, cake, biscuits, candy, and milkshakes are just a few of the delicacies available today.

Today’s meal has delectable fare. “Everything in moderation,” as the phrase goes, fits well to this festival. Do you crave salt? This holiday provides it. Or how about a desire for crunch? Yes, we’re confident you’ll find whatever you’re searching for. Eat whatever you want, whether it’s rich, greasy, or fast, chilled, grilled, or hot.

Why is the World Eat What You Want Day Named So?

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is premium, diets have taken control of people to wish to live a healthy life. All of us have some kind of dish or food that they love but have to stay away from because it is not very healthy. This unofficial holiday allows people to take one day from the year and guiltlessly indulge in their favorite foods.

When is World Eat What You Want Day 2022?

The national eat what you want day is celebrated every year on the 11th of May. This year the day will be celebrated on Wednesday on the 11th of May 2022. So, get ready to let go of your diet.

What is the Theme of World Eat What You Want Day 2022?

The national eat what you want day like some other celebration days does not have a theme. It is done so the people can freely enjoy whatever food they want to enjoy. One is not bound to follow any theme and eat they do not want. You just need to lay back and binge eat on your favorite snacks.

History of World Eat What You Want Day

Thomas and Ruth Roy established national eat what you want day to encourage individuals to take a vacation from the irritating fitness and nutrition trends of each day, even if just for one day, and just let it go and embrace life a bit more.

Most dietitians appear to accept that occasionally giving oneself a break might be beneficial and that pushing oneself to eat exclusively low-calorie, bland meals for extended duration of the period is prone to cause us to suddenly binge on everything in view when our willpower fades off.

What to Do on World Eat What You Want Day? | World Eat What You Want Day Activities

Dinner should be breakfast

Breakfast for supper is something that individuals constantly tend to ask approval for. Allow yourself the luxury of a fluffy stack of pancakes with a side of bacon before night. One’s taste buds may revolt, but one’s tummy will rejoice.

Break the pattern

End up leaving the brown paper bag at the house if you regularly bring a meal for school/work. Instead, take your employees out to brunch and try a different eatery in the neighborhood. You’ll appreciate the companionship and the change from the regular old lunch.

To get children actively involved

Parents are primarily in charge of deciding what and when to eat for supper. Eat what you want day gives children the chance to choose what would be on tonight’s supper and to assist with supper preparation.

How to Celebrate the World Eat What You Want Day?

That shouldn’t be too tough to think of ways to celebrate this occasion. Isn’t the fact that you can eat whatever you want reason enough already to celebrate? Since everyone is unique, this may imply binge eating on junk food for many.

Bye Bye to Calories for a Day

People will abandon calorie tracking and go wild, consuming everything from ice cream to chocolates to cheesecake and pastry, and then some cookies with ice cream washed down with warm chocolate, and then more ice cream cakes. You get the idea.

Chic Meals

However, nowhere in the description of the vacation does it state that you must make the journey on this road to unique culinary pleasure. Gourmet food enthusiasts might commemorate by spending lunch at a five-star eatery. Do you enjoy lobsters but seldom order them due to the high cost?

Fairly obvious, but now is the day just to unwind. So make a reservation at the most exclusive restaurant in town and spend the night dining on your favorite delicacies and possibly drinking those down with a fine bottle of red wine.

Live your childhood again

You might even try to reproduce a favorite childhood dish at home. Did your mother make the finest mac and cheese? Call her and ask for the recipe!

Nobody beats a nice comforting meal for making us feel content, joyful, and drowsy together at once, so stop thinking about carbohydrates and fats for a moment and enjoy a plate (or pot) of that satisfying, delicious bliss.

The vegetarian cheat day

Or perhaps you’re a committed vegetarian who occasionally craves steak or shrimp—if so, perhaps you could reward yourself with something you wouldn’t normally eat only to thank your physique for the nice stuff it has to do without on a regular basis?

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When is the national eat what you want day?

The day is celebrated on the 11th of May.

Who created the national eat what you want day?

The day was created by Thomad and Ruth Roy.

What hashtags can you use on this day?

You can use the following hashtags with your posts:

  1. #EatWhatYouWantDay
  2. #NationalEatWhatYouWantDay

What is the theme of national eat what you want day 2022?

The day doesn’t have a theme so you can enjoy whatever you want.


Instead of commemorating once a year and constraining yourself continuously, why not utilize today as a chance to begin developing good, long-term routines? Making a balanced diet plan that involves cheat days and secret nibbles to hold cravings at bay can encourage you to improve your relationship with food.

Calorie counting and eating healthy food must not imply bland, monotonous dinners and weekends devoted to planning food for the whole week ahead. By offering balanced meals to your body, you can transform your relationship with food. And eventually eat what you want in a good proportion without worrying.

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