International Day of Families — 15th May, 2022

International Day of Families — 15th May, 2022

What is the International Day of Families?

The International Day of Families, observed annually on May 15th, was founded by the United Nations in 1993 to make people more aware of difficulties impacting families worldwide.

The UN also utilizes international day of families to recognize how family dynamics have changed as a result of social, financial, and demographic considerations. The yearly event highlights the crucial role that families play in societies while also raising concerns that may harm families.

Why is International Day of Families Named So?

The day is celebrated every year to honor the families and to bring everyone closer. The UN decided to name the day for families all over the world and to let people know about the importance of families. This day everyone comes to the same place and enjoys the day with their families.

When is International Day of Families 2022?

The international day of families is observed each year on May 15. The primary purpose of this is to increase awareness about family difficulties and to enhance understanding of all of the other variables that affect a family as a whole. The event will take place on Sunday, May 15, 2022.

What is the Theme of International Day of Families 2022?

The United Nations, which organizes the international day of families, has picked the topic “Families and Urbanization” for 2022. The goal is to increase knowledge about the necessity of family-friendly, ecologically responsible urban policy.

Internationally, the notion of urbanization is altering the globe and the well-being of communities. As a result, adopting a sustainable strategy that is compatible with urbanization can help countries flourish and prosper.

After all, the globe will only flourish and flourish if families’ macroeconomic situations and well-being are taken good care of.

History of International Day of Families

During the 1980s, the United Nations began to focus on family-related concerns. Based on the suggestions of the Economic and Social Council, the Council for Social Development demanded the Secretary-General in its settlement on the role of the family in the development phase in 1983 to raise public awareness among decision-makers and the general public of the problems as well as requires of the family, as well as efficient strategies of meeting those necessities.

In its resolution 1985/29 of May 29, 1985, the Council requested the General Assembly to contemplate adding a topic titled “Families in the Development Process” on the preliminary agenda of its forty-first session, with the aim to considering a plea to the Secretary-General to commence a process of developing global awareness of the challenges involved, aimed at governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental institutions, and public opinion.

Later, depending on the Commission for Social Development’s suggestions from its 30th round of sessions, the Assembly urged all States to express their opinions on the possibility of declaring a worldwide year of the family, as well as to submit comments and initiatives.

The Council also demanded that the Secretary-General submits to the General Assembly at its forty-third meeting a detailed report relying on Member States’ remarks and suggestions on the possible declaration of such a year, as well as other methods and means to improve the status and quality of life of the family and amplify global collaboration as part of global efforts to promote social development and progress.

The General Assembly declared the international year of the family in resolution on December 9, 1989.

The General Assembly determined in a decision (A/RES/47/237) in 1993 that the 15th of May of each year shall be marked as the International Day of Families.

This day is a chance to raise awareness of family concerns and get a deeper understanding of social, economical, and epidemiological factors that impacts families.

The United Nations’ 193 member states uniformly adopted the Sustainable Development Goals on September 25, 2015, a set of 17 goals aimed at eliminating poverty, stereotyping, violence, and avoidable deaths, addressing environmental devastation, and ushering in a period of development for all people, everywhere. Families, as well as family-oriented programs and policies, are critical to achieving most of these objectives.

What to Do on International Day of Families? | International Day of Families Activities

The international family day activities let people know that it is a family that supports the repatriation of grief and the easing of the suffering of their dear ones. A family also aids in the removal of financial problems. We have discussed many indoors activities that one may enjoy with your family.

1. Coloring and drawing

This entertaining pastime is suitable for people of all ages. Crayons may be used by children to fill in bright colors in a picture. Adults, on the other hand, can recreate their talents by drawing gorgeous landscapes or picking up a paintbrush.

2. Board games

Board games range from Monopoly, Ludo, and House to Crossword and Chess. They are adored not just by youngsters but also by grownups. A family may pick from a variety of alternatives based on the amount of time they wish to devote to a game.

3. Prepare a treat

While adults may make the framework or basis for the delicacy, their children can help them decorate the delectable treats. Everything from puddings to mousse and cakes may be created from scratch. Furthermore, many individuals buy ready-made items and embellish those at home with their own imagination.

4. Garden in the house

Summer veggies and fruits may be grown in outdoor gardens. Those who do not have a garden, on the other hand, can engage in the same project and construct a lovely inside garden. Families educate their children an important lesson about the origins of food.

How to Celebrate International Day of Families?

This day is all about family and how vital it is in society as well as for individual growth.

Plan some fun things for your family.

  1. Reach out to family relatives you haven’t seen for a long time and gather the entire extended family for a family barbecue. Or, if you have a particular family custom that you enjoy with one another, reflect on how it began and prove a statement to keep it on throughout the years.
  2. Another fun activity to do on this day is to get one of those famous genealogy tests for the entire family and attempt to learn further about your forefathers and create a family tree.
  3. While our own family is very essential, the International Day of Families is also about aiding underprivileged families. Try participating or giving to a local group that assists families in the town, such as a refuge for refugee families or meals on wheels which provides basic essentials to low-income households.

Facts about International Day of Families

Following are some of the facts related to the international day of families

  1. The UN designated the day in 1993, and it was first observed on May 15, 1994.
  2. The United Nations declared the year 1994 to be the international year of f
  3. The United Nations proposed the theme of the day in 1996 and subsequent years.
  4. The most important aspect of this day is to educate people about the benefits of a family structure.
  5. Family day gives a chance to explore family-related concerns.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How is International Family Day observed?

Workshops, seminars, policy discussions for public officials, exhibits, and other events are held at the local, national, and worldwide levels. Some educational efforts are also created for the public to improve and support family units via workshops and seminar discussions on the yearly subject for encouraging individuals.

In certain nations, tool kits are created to assist individuals in organizing festivities and to target a specific demographic such as school children, young adults, college students, and so on. It is being observed online this year.

What is the Significance of the International Day of Families?

The major goal of commemorating international day of families is to raise awareness of the significance of family and its worth. It is also vital to emphasize the difficulties that impact families all around the world. This day also demonstrates that the global community recognizes the importance of families as basic components of society and expresses concern about the global condition.

When is the International Day of Families 2022?

The international day of families 2022 is on 15th of May, Sunday.

What is the theme of International Day of Families 2022?

The theme of international day of families 2022 is families and urbanization.


On international day of families, individuals from all around the world gather to reflect on various topics and the value of families. They cherish their family members and spend time with them. Furthermore, individuals regarding their close friends and extended family to be members of their families since they have a strong link.

Every year in May, the international day of families is observed. It gives a chance to raise awareness about family issues and get a deeper understanding of social, financial, and demographic factors that influence families. Our event joins the United Nations in honoring the value of families in our ever-changing world.

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