World Environment Day — 5th June, 2022

World Environment Day — 5th June, 2022

The way the world works has drastically altered as a result of issues including contamination, climate change, deforestation, and population over exploitation. Because these challenges are so important, the United Nations established World Environment Day to help teach people about the effects of human activities.

World Environment Day is a celebration dedicated to educating individuals about environmental concerns and encouraging them to modify their practices that are harmful to the environment.

Why is World Environment Day is Named So?

The World Environment Day was made to raise awareness about the consequences of human activities. The day started so every year, people could take some time out of their lives and start working on saving the environment and keeping it clean. The importance of the day is huge so it was named as world environment day on which people can show their love for their environment and take care of it.

When is World Environment Day 2022?

The world environment day is celebrated on the 5th of June each year. This year the world environment day is being celebrated on the 5th of June, Sunday. This gives people a great opportunity to work for their environment and live in a clean and healthy environment.

Sweden as the 2022 host country

Every year, a new country hosts World Environment Day, with formal activities taking place. Sweden will be the host nation in 2022. To celebrate the 1972 United Nations Conference on Human Environment, Sweden and Kenya are convening a strong international summit titled “Stockholm+50: a healthy world for the prosperity of all – our duty, our chance” in Stockholm on June 2 and 3, 2022.

What is the theme of World Environment Day 2022?

The international campaign #OnlyOneEarth for World Environment Day 2022 advocates for radical changes in laws and decisions to allow cleaner, greener, and more durable living in balance with the environment. It will emphasize the need to live responsibly and also in peace with the environment, as well as our options for transitioning to a greener life through both policy and individual decisions.

The slogan of the 1972 Stockholm Conference was “Only One Earth.” After 50 years, the slogan is as relevant as ever: this globe is our only house, and mankind must protect its limited resources.

The year 2022 will be a watershed moment in the history of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the global environmental community. History of World Environment Day. It is the 50th anniversary of UNEP’s founding as a result of the Stockholm Conference. It also corresponds with the high international Stockholm+50 summit.

These significant events provide a chance for the global community to improve collaboration and demonstrate leadership in the transition to a more cohesive society.

What to Do on World Environment Day? — World Environment Day Activities

Grow a tree

While tree planting is one of the most basic Environment Day activities, it offers various advantages. Trees are important not just for providing oxygen and shade, but also for cleaning the air around people. Begin by planting at minimum one plant in your yard or area.

When feasible, recycle at home

All food and beverage packaging may be recycled at home. You may create a garbage can out of recyclable items and fill it with bulky containers and ripped cartons. When you have time, go through all of the goods and see what you can recycle or transform into beneficial materials. It will be a fascinating DIY project while also removing some garbage from landfills.

Make use of reusable bags.

Make it a habit to fill up on reusable bags once you finish shopping. You may use these reusable bags for supermarket shopping or purchasing items from street sellers. Furthermore, always request paper bags rather than plastic bags. It will aid in keeping plastic bags out of overflowing landfills.

Shower for less time

There are long-term environmental benefits to limiting our bathing duration. This is because we will use minimal water if we fight the impulse to stand indefinitely under the showerhead. As a result, other environmental assets will not be harmed in order to meet the water needs that we have unintentionally provoked.

How to Celebrate World Environment Day?

If you want to know more about World Environment Day, sign up for a local program near you to discover how human actions have impacted the planet we live on. Invite family and friends to join you and teach them exactly what they can do to assist the world.

If those experiences inspired you, join a clean-up squad, assist at a recycling center, or pick up trash in your neighborhood. Inform your acquaintances about changing climate and persuade them to modify their behaviors to help decrease the consequences of climate change in individuals ‘ lives. As previously said, there is a different theme each year, therefore it is a good idea to find the topic and then focus your activities on it.

This might be anything from attending a local festival to knowing more about the host country and its environmental challenges. You might also use social media to spread the word about the day and the special theme for this year.

There is a lot of fantastic stuff available online, and it is just getting better and more diversified as we approach World Environmental Day. So, you may conduct a little web research to learn more. A nice way to start is with Abhay K’s Earth Anthem poem. Why not try creating your own poetry for this occasion and sharing it with others?

You could even make a piece of art about protecting the earth. There are several means available for communicating the messages related to World Environment Day. You don’t have to be a particularly creative individual to put together something beautiful and heartfelt. It’s a novel method to communicate with humans and raise public awareness. Fundraising and offering your time are also advised.

Facts about World Environment Day

  • Ever since the late 1800s, the average surface heating rate of the Earth has risen by around 2.12 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Food waste accounts for 14% of worldwide carbon emissions. Reduced waste is the simplest thing we can do to benefit the environment.
  • Every day, the globe consumes over 100 million tons of plastic.
  • Recycling only one aluminum can saves enough energy to power a television for three hours.
  • Sweden wants to reach net-zero emissions by 2045, is a leader in greening its economy, and is quickly implementing low-carbon and regenerative infrastructure and technologies.

FAQs on World Environment Day

Is World Environment Day observed on an annual basis?

Every year, people and organizations from all over the globe and from all areas of life come together just to promise to do something positive for the environment and to create a change on the globe.

Who initiated World Environment Day?

The United Nations General Assembly created World Environment Day in 1972.

What is the World Environment Day motto?

Better the environment, better tomorrow. Earth must be saved. Let us work together to make the world a better home. Stop damaging the environment.


You now have the knowledge and resources to get engaged and make a difference on World Environment Day, June 5th.

You may make a significant difference by spreading your new information about small methods to safeguard our environment, organizing a school-wide exchange, or sending letters to Congress.

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