The Ultimate Guide to Simplicity – 70+ Tools to Make Your Life Easier

The Ultimate Guide to Simplicity – 70+ Tools to Make Your Life Easier

If you’re anything like me, you like to save time.

Here is the ultimate list of the top tools, apps, and extensions to make your life on the internet a little easier.

TaskadeWork Organizer: “Taskade is where remote teams get work done.” The first sentence you see on their website summarizes perfectly what the team behind this workspace tool has successfully built. You can manage your tasks, create product specifications, automate repetitive procedures, and video chat with your team all in one single integrated workspace. It is available on pretty much any device you can think of, whether it be your phone (Android, iOS), your laptop (Mac, Windows, Linux) or as a browser extension, you can start right away for nothing.

MemWork Organizer: Discover the first self-organizing workspace in the world, which was thoughtfully created from the ground up to facilitate information sharing. Boasting calendar integration, file attachments, integration with Zapier, user groups, imports, automatic task management, and all of this in their native apps, Mem is the easiest way to capture, share, and make use of knowledge.

JustFreeTools – Free Useful Tools: I’m not sure how to introduce JustFreeTools myself. The name itself is pretty telling – you’ll find everything you need at JFT. And of course, it’s free. From all sorts of calculators, keyword helpers, font editors, and you can even find inspiration on how to name your baby there! To list all the features JustFreeTools has would take almost an entire book, so I encourage you to check it out for yourself – and I believe you’ll find exactly what you need there.

IFTTTApp Automation: The ideal method for integrating apps, gadgets, and services, If This Then That, or IFTTT, supports the integration of services, software, and hardware in novel and effective ways. IFTTT was created on the premise that everything functions better when it is connected. Anyone attempting to construct a smart home or establish automatic routines in their life is faced with difficulties due to tech mismatch. It is simple with IFTTT.

Some of the most popular applets available include controlling a gadget with your voice, turning on your security system when you leave the house, and adjusting the temperature in your home based on the weather. The most popular social media Applets provide automatic cross-posting of material and streamline your online marketing plan.

WeTransfer – Data Transfer: The easiest way to share large files internationally, WeTransfer was created in 2009 by a pair of Dutch entrepreneurs, Bas Beerens and Nalden. They have since evolved into a full suite of productivity tools that handle other challenging aspects of the creative process. Transfer up to 2 GB of data, completely free of charge.

ClickUpProductivity Platform: At first, the developers over at ClickUp planned for it to be an internal tool and used it as a means of realizing their goal of increasing productivity worldwide. At some point, they wanted all work to be done on ClickUp, which they boast will increase productivity and free up at least 20% of each person’s time for other activities. One app to take their place all. There are currently more than 800,000 teams that are participating with their team, and the project is growing rapidly.

PostFlowSocial Media Manager for ClickUp: Using PostFlow, you can manage and publish your social media posts without ever leaving ClickUp. Spend less time switching between different tools. With integrated metrics and post previews, PostFlow is a must-have for any professional, small business or marketing team.

Carrd Landing Page Builder: Similar to SquareSpace or WordPress, Carrd is a platform for creating websites that have grown in popularity over the past 12 months. Carrd distinguishes itself from competing websites by focusing on one-page websites. It has various potential uses and almost all of its features are free to use. Carrd’s potential applications are only limited by your creativity, and using the website is incredibly simple.

CanvaDesign Mockups: Create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content using Canva, an Australian graphic design tool. The platform is free and offers paid memberships like Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise for greater capabilities. The software includes templates for users to use. Canva introduced a video editing function in 2021. Users may also pay for the printing and delivery of tangible goods. The business has stated that it plans to use internet and whiteboard solutions to compete with Google and Microsoft in the office software market.

FigmaCollaborative Interface Design: Figma is a web tool for interface design that allows for collaboration, and it also has offline features that are made possible by desktop programs for Windows and macOS. With a concentration on real-time collaboration and a wide range of vector graphics editors and prototype tools, Figma’s feature set is centred on user interface and user experience design. On mobile and tablet devices, Figma prototypes may be viewed and interacted with in real time using the Figma mobile app for Android and iOS.

NotionAll-in-one Workspace: Notion is a platform for collaboration that incorporates kanban boards, tasks, wikis, and databases and supports modified markdown. It serves as a single workspace for taking notes, managing knowledge and data, and managing projects and tasks. It is a platform for managing files that provides a unified workspace, enabling users to discuss active projects, take part in debates, and get feedback. Most web browsers and cross-platform apps can access it.

It has a feature for “clipping” text from websites. Users can use it to organize their work, manage files, save papers, make reminders, and plan tasks. Equations can be written and pasted in block or inline format thanks to LaTeX support.

ZapierWeb App Integration: Users can combine the web applications they use and automate operations using a software called Zapier. The business is entirely remote. It links to more than 4,000 apps as of 2021. It is a sort of “translator” between online APIs, saving time through automation of repetitive chores and business processes like lead management.

CalendlyBusiness Communication: A software startup called Calendly creates a platform for corporate communication that teams use to plan, organize, and follow up on external encounters. Entrepreneur Tope Awotona, who was born in Nigeria, established the business in Atlanta, Georgia. Calendly was a tech unicorn (a privately held startup business valued at over $1 billion) as of January 2021 with a $3 billion market cap.

Gumroad Self-publishing Digital Marketplace: On Gumroad, virtually anyone can list almost anything. The procedure is wonderfully clear-cut and transparent, free of some of the difficulties associated with the more well-known platforms. Over 100,000 creators have so far made over $600 million in total sales of their works through the marketplace. These creators are active in every conceivable industry, including music, sports, comedy, and education. Gumroad is a haven for fans of dance and theatre. Even Eminem uses it!

Shortform Book Summaries: Shortform has the world’s best guides to 1000+ nonfiction books. Discover important information and insights from any given book. Recognize the best concepts in existence. They take complex concepts and provide clear, concise explanations for them. Never again will you be perplexed by a challenging text. They also include insightful analysis, linking concepts in fresh ways, and outlining significant developments since the book’s publication. They don’t use any filler in their writing, making each word and each sentence worth your attention. This one has been a lifesaver for me.

MailtrackE-mail Delivery Confirmation: Through its pixel-based tracking technology, Mailtrack informs you if and how many times your emails have been opened. With Mailtrack’s Incoming tracked email indication, it also informs you when emails you receive are being tracked. Their goal is to make email communication better by automatically incorporating read alerts. like any app for mobile messaging. Only a few buttons, checkmarks, and dots are added to your Gmail account. No annoyances.

HunterE-mail Address Finder: With Hunter, you can connect with the people that are important to your business and quickly obtain professional email addresses. Just start the search by entering a domain or business name, and it does the rest. More than 3,000,000 professionals use Hunter regularly because it is truly an indispensable communication tool.

TinywowAll-in-one Converter/Downloader: Have you ever wanted to convert a DOC to PDF or vice versa, merge or split pages in a PDF, convert images from jpg to png, remove the background from a photo, add a signature, logo, or watermark, download a video from youtube, Facebook, TIK TOK, etc., but you just couldn’t seem to find a page that just simply DOES it? Of course, you have. Then you search through google for different sites and converters that can do it. But then a fee comes up, or at best a billion ad windows and offers of beauty products, tips on how to look 25 forever, or how to get better gut health by eating cashews. With TinyWow, that will never be a problem again.

Scribe – Documentation Creator: Create step-by-step instructions automatically by just clicking record. With rapid process documentation that includes text and images, Scribe can save any team more than 20 hours each month. Simply click “record” and walk through the procedure you want to share. To immediately construct your guide, Scribe keeps track of your mouse clicks and keystrokes. Respond to inquiries, creating SOPs, and quickly train teammates. One-click sharing, simple embedding in any knowledge base or CMS, customized text, steps, and graphics, automated redaction for sensitive information, and enterprise-grade security and controls are just a few of Scribe’s important features. Using Scribe, you can share a process with anybody, anywhere, quickly, easily, and effectively.

10MinuteMailE-mail Burner Account: Perhaps you want to register for a website that asks for an email address to send a verification email to. Maybe, just maybe, you might not want to reveal your genuine email address and risk being added to a number of spam mailing lists. That’s where 10MinuteMail comes in. It creates a burner e-mail address that you can use to verify your account on, which lasts (you guessed it) 10 minutes, and after that it’s just gone. Poof. It’s also free. Enjoy!

Excelformulabot – AI Spreadsheet Generator: This one is a gamechanger for anyone who uses excel. Using AI, Excelformulabot quickly converts your text instructions into Excel formulas. No more wasting hours making convoluted equations. Discover the full potential of Google Sheets and Excel’s AI formula generators to quickly address issues.

Inpainting – Retouching Pictures: Inpainting is a retouch technology used to remove any unwanted objects from photos. It can be used to remove an unwanted person (hello social media). Clone techniques like Adobe Photoshop Fix require a backdrop reference, whereas their AI can accurately infer what was hidden behind the undesirable text, people, and objects in a matter of clicks. Unless you need higher quality and process high-resolution photographs, inpainting is free. The cost for processing photographs of any size is then $5 per month or $48 per year ($4 per month). – Transcription: employs artificial intelligence to give users access to real-time meeting notes that are secure, accessible, searchable, and shareable. Otter uses deep machine learning to create its speech transcription technology. Millions of hours of audio recordings were processed to train the program and enhance its translation abilities. According to the business, it searches the web for these useable audio fragments using its own unique algorithms. Otter Assistant connects to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet while keeping all notes in a single, accessible location that is centrally located and secure.

OneTab – Browser Tab Organizer: Have you ever found yourself struggling to manage 20 tabs of work-related sites at once? Or perhaps you got interrupted in the middle of a YouTube binge and want to keep all the good stuff you haven’t yet feasted your eyes upon? That’s where OneTab comes in. If you ever have too many open tabs, simply click the OneTab button to turn them all into a list. You can either restore the tabs one at a time or all at once when you need to access them again. Because you will have fewer tabs active in Google Chrome while your tabs are in the OneTab list, you will save up to 95% of memory. Tabs tabs tabs.

Audioread – Text Narrator: A huge timesaver, listen to any article, PDF, email, etc. in your podcast app, our mobile app, or the browser. Audible-like voice. Make reading as easy as putting in your headphones! Use it to “read” while you exercise, cook, do house chores, etc. We don’t judge.

Fonts Ninja – Work Organizer: Get quick access to more than 3000 well-liked fonts and give them a try in any design software. Try fonts without first purchasing them in any design software—what’s not to like? Just have fun and make your design process better! Sketch, Photoshop, InDesign, Figma, and other design software all effortlessly integrate with Font Ninja. To advance your design, you can easily combine it with the application and browser extension.

Wordtune – Writing Assistant: is an AI-powered writing assistant that understands what you’re trying to say and offers tips on how to write in a way that is more real, compelling, and clear. Writing is no longer a tiresome or lonely process thanks to Wordtune. It helps you communicate more effectively – whether you’re using it to write private emails, draft documents for clients, or chat with coworkers on instant messenger. Wordtune goes well beyond the grammar and writing assistance you are currently familiar with, delivering entirely new capabilities, whether it be changing the tone, simultaneous translation and rewriting, and much more.

Grammarly – Writing Assistant: Grammarly is a cloud-based typing assistant that checks for spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery errors. It also recognizes plagiarism (hello, students!). Artificial intelligence is used to locate the problem and look for a suitable substitute. Users can also alter their language’s style, tone, and context according to their preferences. With Grammarly’s new AI-powered desktop Windows software, write with confidence, clarity, and without errors. You can also get suggestions while you write in desktop applications and sites across the web – emails, Google Docs, Twitter, you name it!

Beehiiv – Newsletter Platform: As a platform for newsletters, beehiiv offers everything. It’s a platform for newsletter creators that makes it simple to create, write, send, advertise, monetize, and monitor the return on investment of your newsletter. Beehiiv was developed by former Morning Brew workers with the goal of assisting creators in launching and monetizing their own newsletters. It draws heavily on the growth strategies that helped Morning Brew reach over 4M subscribers.

WotNot – Chatbot Creator: It’s easy to build bots, but hard to get the desired results. This is where WotNot steps in, providing a done-for-you service. Use WotNot to increase transaction closings, convert prospects, and scale business growth. Your bots will handle all routine inquiries using WotNot’s customer service automation solution, and human employees will only be called upon to address the most difficult issues.

Copy.aiAI-powered Copywriter: is an AI-powered copywriter that generates high-quality copy for your business. There is no need for a credit card to get started; it is free. You can quickly create briefings, outlines, and complete first drafts. Simply type in the title and keyword of your post, then go over your main talking points and outline. The AI will now produce your first draft, which you may edit by rewriting paragraphs and polishing your phrases. Simply copy the work and paste it into your CMS to publish it. Easy.

Photosonic – AI Art Generator: Using a cutting-edge text-to-image AI model, Photosonic is a web-based tool that enables you to generate realistic or creative images from any word description. The model is based on latent diffusion, a method that gradually converts an image of random noise into a picture that corresponds to the text. By changing the description and rerunning the model, you can regulate the generated images’ level of quality, diversity, and style. Photosonic can be used for a variety of things, including generating ideas for creative endeavours, visualizing your thoughts, investigating various scenarios or concepts, or just having fun with AI. Images of scenes, characters, objects, animals, and anything else you can think of may all be created and customized with different features. Additionally, you may use Photosonic to edit or improve already-existing photographs by applying filters or text comments.

Namelix – Brand Name Generator: Most name generators for businesses blend words from the dictionary to produce lengthier names. Namelix creates short, distinctive names that are appropriate for your business concept. The algorithm learns your preferences as you store names, resulting in better suggestions over time. Choose which is more important to you: a shorter name, a name with a certain keyword, or a domain extension.

Brandmark – Brand Logo Generator: Piggybacking off of Namelix, we suggest you also launch your brand new band with custom letterheads, social media visuals, app icons, business card designs, and all that jazz. With Brandmark, you won’t have to wait weeks to receive your logo, so no more designer stress. Having trouble with your design? They will do it for you at no cost. There are no monthly fees. Pay once and access is yours forever. You won’t need to be concerned about anyone stealing your concept because full copyright is also included for use in both commercial and personal uses. Additionally, you can change your logo at any moment, even after purchasing it. – AI Meeting Assistant: Fireflies provides a central location for all voice chats and makes it simple to record, transcribe, and arrange all team meetings in one location. They have you covered for crucial sales calls, hiring interviews, or team meetings. No need to stress about taking notes—share meeting summaries & transcripts quickly afterwards. Pay attention to what your staff, candidates, and clients are really saying. Push recaps to Dropbox, Slack, and other work tools. Use the in-app upload feature, Zapier, or their API to transcribe audio recordings from any source. In meetings and interactions, there is a goldmine of knowledge waiting to be discovered. You won’t find this information and perspective in spreadsheets, documents, or emails.

Narakeet – Narration Creator: Narakeet is a video presentation maker with voice-over. Use it to quickly convert PPT to video, make a presentation with music, or create videos from lectures. Create videos with Keynote, Google Slides, or PowerPoint. Utilize their templates to easily create videos for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Closed captions and subtitles can be added automatically to videos. There is no need to create an account or register, and videos are not watermarked. You can rapidly generate audio files and narrated films using 500+ voices and natural-sounding text-to-speech in more than 80 languages. Make marketing films for your products in international markets, produce training video classes in several languages, or use Narakeet as a narrator for YouTube videos.

Mosaic – AI CV Generator: Never get passed up by a hiring committee again. With mosaic, you can find the keywords you could have missed but that are essential for your resume in order to land interviews. It can help you succeed in securing interviews by revealing the concepts, words, and subjects that the recruiting team is most interested in. It can also help you identify the strengths and flaws of your resume and use an advanced ai editor to help you avoid mistakes. It can even identify civilian career titles for positions held in the military!

Tweet Hunter – AI Tweet Generator: As per their website, “Tweet Hunter is an all-in-one Twitter growth tool, designed to help you grow and monetize your Twitter audience.” They want to make it as simple as they can for you to produce high-performing content, develop an audience for your areas of specialization, monetize, and draw in opportunities. Whether it’s to produce more and better tweets and threads, broaden your audience, boost the ROI your tweets generate for businesses, or simply to interact with others. All of their programs come with a free 7-day trial as well as a 30-day, no-questions-asked refund period. This practically means that if you change your mind after using Tweet Hunter for up to 37 days, you can still request a refund. – LoFi Internet Radio Station: Listen to to concentrate, work, learn, or unwind. In a stunning web player, you may find a carefully curated collection of live lo-fi stations from YouTube. Seriously, just try it.

Hemingway – Writing Assistant: The Hemingway app, in its essence, is like Grammarly, but completely free and focuses on style. It ensures that your reader will pay attention to your message and not your writing. Where your writing is excessively dense, the Hemingway Editor will underline it (in yellow and red). Every time a new version is released, the desktop version purchaser also receives a free upgrade. It’s a one-time transaction. There are no extra costs.

KTool – Kindle Linker: With KTool, you can send articles of any kind to your Kindle with a single click. Accessible on desktop, mobile, and the web. Markdown, PDF, DOCX, Standard EBooks, Twitter threads, StackOverflow answers, Wikipedia articles, newsletters, all of it is supported. It also eliminates all advertisements and other annoyances, automatically detects the table of contents, maintains formats & styles, optimizes photos for Kindle devices, and supports emoji. KTool has you covered whether it’s Wikipedia pages or Twitter discussions.

Freelearninglist – Educational Resources: Do you enjoy learning and are you constantly looking for new tools to get high-quality, free education in a wide range of subjects? Free Learning List is a helpful and trustworthy portal for this exact kind of thing. You can get free knowledge of all kinds from the websites, YouTube channels, podcasts, and other resources listed below in a straightforward list.

Consensus – AI Search Engine: As per Eric Olson, the project’s founder, Consensus aims to give you the tools that democratize scientific evidence and improve the world by making it a more educated place. It is a search engine that quickly extracts, gathers, and distills insights from scientific research using AI. It was created by professionals in machine learning, science, and technology from some of the most cutting-edge organizations in the world.

SignFree – E-Signature Generator: the first company to offer electronic signatures, free for countless documents. Upload any document, add your signature, and receive the signed version! The document can be in any format, including pdf, docx, png, jpg, xlsx, rtf, and jpeg. Repeat for any number of documents you desire for no charge. E-signatures expedite the contracting process and increase production by replacing time-consuming manual signing procedures.

Land Lines – Google Maps Browser/Experiment: Okay, this one is just fun. It’s a web page where you can draw any line you want, and the AI will use it to select an area in the Google Earth satellite view that your line partially replicates. Algorithms for line detection and machine learning were used to preprocess all of the photos and find the dominant lines. Just try it, it’s really cool.

PTable – Detailed Periodic Table: Check out the Ptable website if you are studying chemistry or are just curious about it. You will find comprehensive information about each element in this virtual, interactive periodic table of the elements. You’ll also discover helpful charts, animations, and other intriguing information.

Remember The Milk – Work Organizer: This website is what you’re searching for if you enjoy making lengthy lists, posting sticky notes with tasks around your flat, and yet forget your own grandmother’s birthday. You may indeed be sure you won’t forget anything and it will help you successfully manage your time. In addition to recording your tasks and appointments on RTM, you may also choose to have email, SMS, or instant message reminders sent to you. It’s simple to know where to go first and what to do on the way home when you plot out your appointments. You can delegate assignments to coworkers or classmates. Remember the Milk is the ideal answer for people who prefer to keep their lives organized.

15ai – Cartoon Voiceover: On the website, you can choose any character from a play or TV show and have them say virtually any sentence or word in their distinctive voice. The character selection is fairly constrained compared to other TTS sites of this kind, but the voice synthesis is quite quick, and the website has an innovative function where you may enter emoticons instead of text. After that, the artificial intelligence will attempt to formulate a phrase using these.

Udemy – Online Learning Platform: On the Udemy platform, educators can create online courses on the subjects they find interesting. Instructors can upload videos, source code for programmers, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audio files, ZIP files, and any other materials that students would find useful using Udemy’s course construction tools. There are classes available in a wide range of subject areas, such as academics, the arts, health and fitness, language, music, and many more. Udemy also offers Udemy Business (formerly Udemy for Business), which gives companies access to a curated library of over 7,000 training courses on subjects like office productivity, design, management, programming, and internet marketing strategies. Organizations can develop unique learning portals for internal training using Udemy Business.

Vocalremover – Vocal Remover: Would you like to separate the vocal track from the instrumental in a song but lack the required computer software since you don’t make music? could be useful. It performs precisely what you expect of it, walks you swiftly and easily through all the necessary processes, and has an intuitive user interface. Instead of using Internet connectivity, the website operates with the songs you upload from your computer’s hard drive.

Emupedia – Old OS Emulator: This is another one purely for the sake of fun. Would you be curious in seeing how your personal computer would appear if Windows 95 were installed on it? Try it out at Emupedia, which lets you run a variety of old-fashioned games and programs. The content is continually expanding; if a program is under development, you can tell by hovering over its icon.

AnswerThePublic – Search Engine Scanner: AnswerThePublic immediately generates every helpful phrase and query people are posing around your keyword by listening to autocomplete data from search engines like Google. You can utilize this wealth of customer insight by creating new, practical goods, services, and content, the sort your clients genuinely desire. Quit wasting time on intuition and guesswork, take fewer chances, find hidden gems, and optimize your content production.

Big Speak – Text to Speech: You can create realistic-sounding sounds from text using Big Speak. To provide you with the greatest voice generation technology, we combine a variety of machine learning techniques. Big Speak is a free program that lets you create files from text up to 300 characters long without registering. Create lengthier audio files up to 1000 characters long by logging in.

Just Delete Me – Account Deletion: Just Delete Me is a website and browser extension which helps you delete your accounts from many web services. Green indicates a straightforward deletion process, yellow indicates that a few additional steps are required, red indicates that you cannot entirely delete your account without contacting customer support, and black indicates that you cannot delete your account at all. It informs consumers of how simple (or complicated) it is to remove their account from more than 100 websites.

Super Designer – Shape Generator: Super Designer is, in its essence, a collection of free design tools to create unique backgrounds, patterns, shapes, images, and much more using just a few clicks. With their unique backgrounds, patterns, blobs, gradients, colour palettes, and more, accessible with just a few clicks, you will never run out of ideas. Make your projects stand out. The author of the project, Dilpreet, builds simple design tools as a passion project to make designing fun for everyone.

What Should I Read Next – Book Recommendations: Using What Should I Read Next is as easy as typing the title of a book you want to read. To make book recommendations and suggestions on what to read next, the website will evaluate its enormous database of genuine readers’ favourite books. When books are added to the same favourites list, they become related to one another, which is how What Should I Read Next (WSIRN) generates suggestions based solely on collective taste. The relationship grows stronger the more frequently specific items turn up on various lists. WSIRN merely reveals the general consensus regarding books. You only need to enter one book if you just want a quick recommendation; after you click on the best match in the list that appears as you type, you will receive some suggestions. But entering a list of favourites is the best thing to do. In addition to helping to expand the database and share your taste with other site users, this will give you better-targeted recommendations.

Pixabay – Stock Images: Pixabay is a thriving creative community where members share music, films, photos, and illustrations for free. All materials are published under the Pixabay License, making them safe for use without credit – even for profit-making endeavours. Be mindful though, as the presented content might still be covered by trademarks, publicity, or privacy rights. Still, it is a great source for all kinds of stock images, gifs, videos, etc.

Sleepcalculator – Sleep Calculator (duh): Want to start your day off right? On Sleepcalculator, figure out your ideal bedtime or wake-up time to awaken feeling rested and rejuvenated. You can tell Sleepcalculator when you want to wake up and it will suggest times when it is best to fall asleep, or you can just tell it you want to sleep now and it will tell you what time to set your alarm so you wake up feeling rested.

MyFridgeFood – Recipe Provider: For those times when you find yourself spending a hundred bucks on groceries and end up eating a bag of chips because you don’t know what to do with all of it, MyFridgeFood is here to help. The community of MyFridgeFood, which numbers over 2 million members, is here to support you in your delicious ambitions. Find free, simple recipes that you can make with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Cross off the stuff you have available and view your options! All of the recipes are simple to follow (and delicious.)

ManualsLib – Manual Library: Product manuals can be difficult to keep track of, but when you need them, you really need them! You may find any Owner’s Manual or User’s Guide you require with ManualsLib, add it to “My Manuals,” and access it whenever you want on your mobile device. For those who frequently lose essential documents, especially ones that are rarely used, this is an excellent tool.

GnoosicMusic Recommendations: Gnoosic is a self-adapting system that learns about the outer world by asking its visitors what they like and what they don’t like. It has tens of thousands of bands and a lot of other information in its database. Just pop in your favourite bands and discover… more favourite bands!

HoneyBrowser Extension: Honey is a free browser extension and mobile app that enables you to discover discounts on goods from over 30,000 online businesses. You can find excellent deals on your online purchases using the Honey app. That pretty much means a great chance for you  to find savings and discounts on purchases that, being honest, you were already going to make.

PlanolySocial Media Post Automation: In 2016, Planoly was established on the premise that social marketing shouldn’t be so complicated. It was the first visual planner for Instagram, developed in-house and meticulously designed to be uncomplicated, clean, and simple to use. Thanks to their great dev team, social media marketing is now being made simpler on TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well! You may easily upload from the app, modify and plan when to release your projects, create content inside the app, use their collection of free stock photographs, and do a lot more. Automation made easy.

Chordify – Music Chords: Chordify is the best resource for chords for guitar, piano, and ukulele, making it a dream for every aspiring musician. They provide almost 22 million accurate chords for every song, synchronized with the music in a user-friendly player. Chordify enables musicians of all skill levels in learning to perform their favourite songs. Accurate chords for every song in your personal library, animated chord views for the piano, ukulele, and guitar, seamless YouTube integration, and cross-platform library integration are all included. Just search for any song you want to play, select the instrument you want to use, and groove out to your favourite tune!

Have I Been Pwned – Data Breach Checker: Always interesting to see if your data has been stolen, isn’t it? If you want to check up on whether it might be time to change out a password or two, Have I Been Pwned is a tool that can give you that sense of peace (or dread). The word “pwned” has its roots in video game culture and is a “leetspeak” derivation of the word “owned”, due to the close proximity of the “o” and “p” buttons. Typically, it’s used to signify that a person has been compromised or is under control, as in the phrase “I was pwned in the Adobe data hack.”

Scream Into The Void – Exactly what it sounds like: In the words of John Oliver: “The Internet essentially exists so people can say vicious things about each other. We don’t need another app to facilitate that. What we need is something which helps stop people from getting hurt.” That’s where Scream Into the Void comes in. Just type all of your bottled-up thoughts in and press the red “scream” button. A screaming voice will sound through your entire apartment and your words will be pulled into an abyss.

Akinator – Magical Web Genie Guesser: Just trust me, TRY THIS. It’s scary how well it works. Akinator is a video game developed by French company Elokence. During gameplay, it attempts to determine what fictional or real-life character, object, or animal the player is thinking of by asking a series of questions. It has 25 guesses to get it right. If it doesn’t, you beat the game. That’s easier said than done though, as I tested it by thinking of a plastic ladle. It got it in nineteen questions.

A Soft Murmur – Background Noise Generator: A Soft Murmur is a background noise generator that you can use online to unwind, concentrate, and block out distracting noises. By playing uniquely designed ambient sounds tailored to your surroundings, it is intended to assist you in blocking out annoying noise. Try listening to the Coffee Shop sound to turn a single, distracting voice into a soothing background murmur if you’re trying to study in the library but someone won’t shut up. Try mixing a Singing Bowl with Waves or Wind to block out any noise coming through the wall that is keeping you awake. Birds and Crickets are effective at masking high-pitched sounds, and Thunder can be used to cover low-pitched sounds. It also comes equipped with a timer for when you’re trying to fall asleep.

Geoguessr – Geography Browser Game: You’ve probably heard of it, but as our list is coming to an end, I thought it a sin not to mention it. In the geographical browser game GeoGuessr, designed by Anton Wallén, players make predictions about locations based on street view photos. The game, which was released in May 2013, currently offers a variety of single-player and multiplayer competition modes. The Google Street View images and a compass are the main aspects of the game’s HUD. Users can move, pan, and zoom the image; however, GeoGuessr allows any of these features to be removed for a more challenging gaming experience. Players can place a pin on an inset map using the default Google Maps overlay to make their estimate. Apart from it being just straight-up fun, it can be a great educational tool!

TickTick – Daily Task Planner: Back to some serious stuff now. TickTick is a daily planner aimed at making you creative whilst still making you stick to your plans. Because of this, millions of people use this app to plan practically every aspect of their lives, including grocery shopping, family gatherings, and project delivery. With TickTick, you can figuratively cross off things that are relevant to your job or personal goals. TickTick allows you to track your schedule from 5 distinct calendar perspectives while scheduling the items on your to-do list.

Future Me – Timed E-mails: A fun one to round our list out, Future Me is a service that lets you write out an email to yourself, only you get to set when it arrives. Be it in two weeks or five years, you can write a reminder to yourself to keep working on your goals, marry that dream person, or just to not forget to wash the sheets. You can also opt-in to get notifications on your birthday so that you can always send yourself a message that only you can see!



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