International Olympic Day — 23rd June, 2022

International Olympic Day — 23rd June, 2022

For the past two centuries, Olympic Day has been linked with Olympic Day marathons throughout the world. The runs are held all over the world to encourage the practice of mass sport.

Sports must be viewed as a force that helps to societal cohesiveness and tolerance in order for compassion to develop. The three pillars of an Olympic day are to move, learn, and discover. Sports groups all across the globe mark this day by aggressively encouraging children and grownups to try new sports by mocking the Olympic values.

To mark the anniversary, NOCs host a variety of sports, cultural, and educational events open to all, irrespective of age, race, social background, or athletic skill.

Why is International Olympic Day Named So?

The International Olympics day is named so to celebrate and raise awareness about the Olympics. This day also enables and motivates everyone to celebrate and participate in different sports without any gender, race, or other differences. It also encourages people to be more healthy and active.

When is International Olympic Day 2022?

On Thursday, June 23, 2022, the World Olympics Day will be commemorated. The day is extremely important to individuals, particularly sports fans. Olympics Day is among the most effective methods to help people appreciate the value of sports in their life.

What is the Theme of International Olympic Day 2022?

Together, For a Peaceful World is the theme for Olympic Day in 2022, and it is complemented by the social media hashtags #MoveForPeace as well as #OlympicDay. This Olympic Day honors the ability of sport to unite nations in peace.

Peace and sport have a lengthy history in the Olympic Movement, which is reflected in the Olympic Truce held through every Olympic Games. Recently, the International Olympic Committee has also provided assistance to refugee athletes via the IOC Refugee Athlete Scholarship and the IOC Refugee Olympic Team.

History of International Olympic Day

Doctor Gruss, a part of the International Olympic Committee, felt that a day should be observed to make people more aware of the International Games, therefore he proposed the commemoration of Olympic Day during the 41st session of the International Olympic Committee in Stockholm in 1947.

At the 42nd International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session in St. Moritz in 1948, it was agreed to put Doctor Gruss’s plan into action. The panel chose to mark June 23rd as International Olympic Day aka World Olympic Day considering the International Olympic Committee was created on June 23rd, 1894 at the Sorbonne in Paris. Underneath the presidency of Sigfrid Edstrom, the inaugural International Olympic Day was commemorated on June 23, 1948.

What to Do on International Olympic Day? | International Olympic Day Activities

Olympic Day is known for its widespread engagement in athletic activities. It does this by persuading individuals to engage and organize participation events. Please tell us how you plan to celebrate Olympic Day:

  • Organize and take part in Olympic runs all around the world.
  • Sports activities are organized and included in the annual curricula of many schools, universities, and other educational institutions.
  • People hunt for the closest Olympic run or other sports event to support the Olympic movement.
  • Tag @olympics with #MoveForPeace as well as #OlympicsDay while participating in or planning an Olympic activity to promote peace and encourage engagement.
  • Organize a gathering where people may watch and support their favorite sportsmen.
  • Try a new sport that you’ve never done previously.
  • Explore the Olympic games

How to Celebrate International Olympic Day?

It goes without stating that the sports in your Program should indeed be matched to your participants’ talents and endurance. Begin planning a few months before the event and turn it into a family-friendly Olympics!

Now is the moment to start thinking about your own internal Olympics. It’s wonderful to watch preferred sports on TV, but getting involved is much more enjoyable. Plan your own small Olympics in the manner of the Olympic Games! Plan everyday games-related sports events. Everybody could participate on Olympic Day, and with these several more people participating in so many activities on Olympic Day, why not indulge in the entertainment?

The Egg Race

The game consists of just walking or running quickly while carrying a boiled egg on a tablespoon to a predetermined spot. The spoon can only be held in one hand. The winner is the one who ends the race first having the egg intact on the spoon.

Scavenger Hunt on the Internet

Continuing with the theme of the participants’ visual discrimination abilities. Your students will have to check off the activities as they find them an enjoyable brain exercise that stays on topic. What’s great about this tool is that it’s fully digital, so you can access it wherever and anywhere you choose!

Balloon Race in between Knees

Inflate a balloon to about the diameter of a soccer ball. Try walking with it between your knees. Try to walk or run to a specified location.

Facts about International Olympic Day

  • Baron Pierre de Coubertin is often regarded as the “Father of the Modern Olympics.”
  • Women competed in the Olympic events for the initial time in 1900, in the Paris Olympics. The first formal Olympic games were staged in Athens, Greece, in 1896.

FAQs on International Olympic Day

What do all the rings on the Olympic logo stand for?

The rings of the Olympic logo symbolize the five continents.

When were gold, silver, and bronze medals first used in the Olympics?

In the Olympics, gold, silver, and bronze medals were first awarded in 1904.

Which nation has more Olympic medals than any other?

Answer: The United States has earned the most Olympic medals of any nation.


Since the very first International Olympic Day celebration, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has encouraged National Olympic Committees (NOCs) to commemorate Olympic Day in their native nations by organizing numerous activities to engage athletes and enhance sportsmanship, which can have a significant impact on people by boosting ‘fair play values.’ World Olympic Day emphasizes everything and anything that leads to being energetic in life, not simply top athletic achievements.

Consider these games to be a connecting opportunity. Playing games with children or grandkids, participating in extracurricular activities such as dance and yoga courses, or just jogging or trekking with friends may all contribute to making the longest day a memorable one. So let’s all be extra fit and healthy and alert!

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