Global Wind Day — 15th June, 2022

Global Wind Day — 15th June, 2022

Every year on June 15, Global Wind Day is observed. It is a worldwide event designed to raise awareness about the significance of wind energy and its potential to change the world, optimize energy mechanisms, and decarbonize economic systems.

Investing in wind energy saves money on carbon fuels imports, resulting in a lower carbon footprint and reduced CO2 emissions for cleaner air on our entire earth. On this day, we learn not only how wind power contributes to a greener planet, but also about employment generation and opportunities for several individuals.

Why is Global Wind Day Named So?

The Global Wind day is named so to celebrate and raise awareness about the importance of wind. This day also teaches and motivates everyone to celebrate and participate in making a better future using wind energy and saving the planet earth. It also encourages people to make the plant healthy and to choose a healthier life.

When is Global Wind Day 2022?

On Friday, June 15, 2022, the Global Wind Day will be commemorated. The day is extremely important to several individuals, particularly the ones who care about the environment . Wind Day helps people to notice the environment more and to take part in saving it.

What is the Theme of Global Wind Day 2022?

The celebration and appreciation of wind energy and its benefits is the theme for World Wind Day 2022. This day also helps to raise public knowledge and understanding about the power and prospects of wind energy in order to persuade people to change the energy systems which we currently are using.

On World Wind Day, businesses and households all over the globe arrange a variety of events and campaigns, such as wind turbine demonstrations, academic workshops, tours of wind farms, and marches.

History of Global Wind Day

Wind energy has been used as a power source for thousands of years. Egyptians used wind power to accelerate their boats on the Nile River as early as 5,000 B.C. The Chinese enhanced this in 200 B.C. when they created wind-powered water pumps. Furthermore, people in the Middle East as well as Persia found windmills with woven-reed blades that could grind grain faster and with far less laborer, leading to more effective food production.

The first Wind Day was arranged in 2007 by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).

However, in 2009, the EWEA collaborated with the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) to make it a worldwide event.

The clubs endorsed a photo contest in 2012 with the themes “The Wind in My Mind” and “Future Wind.” This was done to encourage individuals all over the planet to take the best photographs they could.

What to Do on Global Wind Day? | Global Wind Day Activities

Global Wind Day is observed for its widespread engagement in environment friendly activities. It does this by persuading individuals to engage and organize multiple social and environment friendly events. Here is what you can do to celebrate Global Wind Day:

Fly your kite outdoors

This may appear to be a simple task, but flying a kite outdoors is an efficient way to teach your children about wind energy. Explain how wind power pushes the kite into the air and keeps it afloat. It’s also a fantastic bond formation activity that’s both entertaining and educational.

Join wind energy workshops

Wind energy is the future in an age when the environmental crisis is reaching a head. On Global Wind Day, attend seminars to gain knowledge about the advantages and technological innovations of wind energy as a substitute power source. It is critical to educate yourself.

Use social media to spread the message

Increase social media awareness of wind energy and its advantages. Share research papers or event pages from Global Wind Day to your social media feeds. Keep your friends and family up to date with one of the most important solutions to reducing co2 emissions the planet by using the hashtag #GlobalWindEnergy.

How to Celebrate Global Wind Day?

On this day, wind energy firms and organizations all over the world conduct a range of events. These events involve educational workshops, tours of wind farms, demonstrations of wind turbines, and parades. Here are some additional ways to get involved:

  • Discover much more about the advantages of wind energy.
  • Make a science project with your kids to understand more about wind.
  • If it’s windy outdoors, try flying a kite, playing with a pinwheel, or catching leaves.
  • Use a weather vane or windsock to identify the wind speed and direction.
  • Check out the movie The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.

Facts about Global Wind Day

With the issue of global warming, it is much more important than ever to produce the ultimate use of renewable energy sources such as wind. Wind energy is by far the most widely used source of energy.

The wind industry was more developed in the previous year than the coal and gas industries that had been incorporated into the European Union.

  • It is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly forms of energy.
  • Wind energy is a genuine form of energy because it does not rely on fossil fuels such as coal.
  • It is a sustainable energy fuel source that will never run out.
  • Wind energy is the world’s fastest-growing source of generating electricity.
  • Wind also contributes to the fight against climate change.

FAQs on World Wind Day

What are the different forms of wind energy?

Utility-scale wind, offshore wind, as well as distributed wind are the three major types of wind energy.

What are the four largest producers of wind turbines in the entire globe?

Vestas (Denmark), Siemens Gamesa (Spain), Goldwind (China), and General Electric are among the companies involved (U.S.)

Which nation makes the most use of wind energy?

China is the largest user of wind power, producing roughly 236,402 megawatts in 2019.


On June 15th, we will be commemorating Global Wind Day. Over the last few years, the global wind business sector has seen a drastic rise in development and implementation as more countries consider the economic benefits of constructing clean energy resources.

Wind power now offers enough sustainable electricity to power over 30 million homes worldwide, and its expansion is expected to proceed. So, why not join us in honoring Global Wind Day by gaining knowledge more about this incredible resource and how you can assist make a distinction?

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