VSA Partners collaborates with Rare Air Media to release Michael Jordan NFTs

VSA Partners collaborates with Rare Air Media to release Michael Jordan NFTs

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and is the unit of data stored as a digital ledger unit used for virtual trade. Considered an art valuable, NFTs facilitate easy collection of artistic data such as video footage, memorabilia, and other digital assets. Being a unit of blockchain, NFTs are used to sell or buy digital assets.

As a technological art promotion company, Rare Air Media has entered the NFTs market as well. After the production of Michael Jordan’s autobiography namely “For the Love of the Game ”, the company is collaborating with VSA Partners to create a unique series of digital assets depicting the life and work of the former basketball player.

VSA Partners, a creative design company with strategic creativity and technological innovation is helping Rare Air Media release the NFTs series on the XRP cryptocurrency ledger.

Mark Vancil, president of Rare Air Media, (notably featured in The Last Dance, a sports documentary miniseries on Michael Jordan) is all praise about the NFTs release saying:

“Original, high-quality NFTs are a natural fit for a company that has worked with icons across sport and music for the past 29 years. VSA’s reputation for excellence, innovation, and creative expertise is the perfect partner to make it all happen. I see the digital asset space becoming a valuable revenue stream for our team in the years to come.”

A partner of Ripple’s Creator Fund which is a real-time blockchain network, VSA Partners has made a name in creative designing and branding. After recognizing the need of the market, they have introduced NFTs as an ultimate revenue generating source with a long term basis. As a creative marketing strategy, the firm is investing about $250 million funds for creating and sustaining the digital assets on XRP ledger. The funds will provide leverage to the NFTs tokenization launch and other creative projects.

“We recognized early on the importance of NFTs as a secure means of growing the brand-building experiences through the continuous innovation of digital assets,” said Sarah Lent, Chief Marketing Officer at VSA Partners. “Our partnership with Rare Air is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

NFTs are tokens used in digital ledger and are individual units of digital data. Their value is set by the crypto market and thus they can be bought and owned like any other physical artifact. However, their unique value and identity have enabled creative art owners to sell their work and earn profit from it. There is an equal opportunity potential for the art collectors too as they utilize the blockchain tokens. The added token security in the ledger help ensure credibility and confidence for both the parties.

“For companies like Rare Air Media, blockchain technology like the XRP Ledger provides a whole new market for their work,” Lent said. “And they’re not alone. We’ve seen a significant increase from content-based operations asking how NFTs and Ripple’s Creator Fund can help expand their businesses. It’s a fast-growing sector that will change the marketing landscape as we know it today.”

Rare Air Media’s initial series of NFTs is likely to be released in Q2 2022 and will feature Michael Jordan’s real images depicting his personal thought process and background situation for that particular image.

Vancil expressed his view about the collection:

“It’s virtually impossible to overstate Michael’s impact on global culture. He is as much a fashion icon and business mogul as he is a remarkable athlete. The NFTs provide an intimate glimpse into Michael’s view of his exploits and enduring legacy. My hope is that these works provide true fans with a new angle into what drives Michael’s unusual sense of excellence.”

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