World Creativity and Innovation Day ‚ÄĒ 21st April, 2022

World Creativity and Innovation Day ‚ÄĒ 21st April, 2022

What is world creativity and innovation day?

World creativity and innovation day is celebrated globally to pay homage to unique forms of art, craft, innovative ideas, and inventions that take their dire part in human development and growth. The day is distinctly marked to welcome people of every ethnicity or creed to create and promote their innovative ideas and arts.

Not only this, world creativity and innovation day is a bonafide celebration of finding new ideas and solutions to the existing horizons of problems and issues that rule human lives. days like these welcome countless magnificent human brains to present their ideologies as fantastic art pieces.

Have you ever wondered why some problem-solving abilities are nullified sometimes? Or, why sometimes do we end up finding no rational solution? It all happens because either we are practicing the same old tactics and have already stopped being creative, or our innovative capabilities have become stagnant.

For centuries, the arts have amazed people with unspoken gestures and soundless conveyors of history. Preserving a day or a week for this purpose has further elicited its importance in human development and mental growth.

When is world creativity and innovation day celebrated?

The annual observance for world creativity and innovation day¬†is 21st of April, marked by the United Nations Organization. This day¬†is dated before the maestro’s birth and an undefeated idol of arts, Leonardo Da Vinci. United Nations designated this day¬†for the soul awareness and services of creativity and arts to humankind.

This day¬†is observed not only to credit and honor the art and creativity industry but also to pay tribute to a substantial global revenue generation that’s dedicated to this industry. Merely culture and creativity industries have given rise to 29.5 million job opportunities and have enthralled their revenue up to $2.25 billion. These figures are from 2015, and since then there isn’t a mentionable decline.

This day not only commemorates the significance of arts and culture in developing and promoting advanced lifestyles, but it also boosts economic growth by considerable folds. Through integration of creative ideas, the influx of innovative startups has been maximal for the past few years. Thus, this day was marked not just to celebrate the victory of arts and innovative ideas but also opened countless advancements and faces for the creativity and cultural industries.

You’ll be amazed to know that in 2022, United Nations has inaugurated World Creativity and Innovation Week (WCIW) that falls between April 15 to April 21.

What is the theme of the world creativity and innovation day 2022?

With core values from being exceptionally creative and extravagantly raw in one’s ideas and beliefs, the world creativity and innovation day¬†are given distinct themes every year. In 2022, the theme of this magnanimous occasion is “Collaboration”.

The theme greatly correlates to the United Nations’ soul motives: Peace, Justice, and Institutional Independence.¬†In 2022, IACP is all about taking a step forward to collaboration in arts and innovations to brighten up the horizon of human development.

The day will be celebrated with full zeal and zest by art and innovation organizations at all forums globally. However, the compulsory modules for incorporating collaborative practices in arts and innovations are:

  • Community based awareness on collaborative practice as an impactful mode of human growth on mass level.
  • Sustainable and accessible approach to collaboration in local communities globally.
  • Ensure the presence of professional collaborative care in the global communities.

Hence, World Creativity and Innovation Week (WCIW) planned to reach phenomenal landmarks of excellent skill development, mass level empowerment of ideas, achievable peaceful goals, integration of problem-solving strategies, and creation of custom solutions for the personal level dispute in local communities.

History of world creativity and innovation day

However, the official inauguration of the day occurred in 2001 by Marci Segal (Toronto, Canada). It was then remembered as a day when people could pour out their inner powers and gifted abilities to nurture the current aura of society. Segal had highest morales for making the community evolve through creativity and creative personas. She made it happen worldwide on earth day and named 21st April the big day as a celebration for being creative and intellectual.

Moreover, the day¬†gained immense popularity and reputation since then, and by 2006, it was reformed into a whole week. The week started with the Maestro Da Vinci’s birthday¬†i-e: 15th April and lasted until 21st April. Keeping the phenomenal success it achieved in the record, the United Nations Organization recognized it on 27 April, 2017. In contrast, the UN celebrated it with the fundamental cause on 21st April, 2018.

Activities of world creativity and innovation day 

Generally, the week’s activities are designed according to the theme of the year. As for 2022, it is “Collaboration”¬†United Nations has defined the following actions to participate in 2022:

Step 1: The step 1 in this intellectual agenda is “Create”. Present your idea in any form of media, be it an article, video, project, webinar, or screenplay. Try to be as expressive as you can over your skills, arts, and abilities. This stage aims to engage with others to draw some mind-blowing pieces of creative resolutions. You can also play your part through your one man show!

Step 2: This step is all about conveying your creative pieces and magnificent ideas to the WCIW authorities. Submit your work on WCIW and get it featured.

Step 3: This step is a crucial one in marking your unbeatable success. Take it to the internet and let the storm decide your faith. Try to spread your ideas through social media platforms. You can also make unique plans to create mass-level awareness for the cause.

Step 4: Host your celebration, present your ideology, spread your word of innovation, and be vigilant in creating a change for betterment. And it will all happen when you share it with the world around you. Try to build your own audience.

Hence, this is one way to become a voice of success for your community. There are millions of others to present your creativity and make your society flourish with advanced protocols.

How to celebrate world creativity and innovation day?

The celebrations are held globally in the form of webinars, seminars, awareness campaigns, conferences, and Whatnot. People attend these events to make room for their innovations to pour out for the betterment of this world on all social levels.

You can celebrate it as per UN’s defined ways or make a plan of your own and stand out from the crowd.

However, you can celebrate world creativity and innovation day in the following ways:

  • Seek out problems in your community and brainstorm for their possible solutions. And how you can be the cause of change or transformation and development of your community.
  • Be creative with your daily rituals and hobbies. Try switching them, for example if you’re an avid reader than watch a documentary on a subject that’s out of your interest. Explore your capabilities.
  • Look out for the events or competitions that are happening for world creativity and innovation day. Pay your participation through some mind-blowing ideas and presentations. Try to give your two cents on anything that suits your interest.
  • Do community service activities such as arranging a small corner meeting session on the cause, hosting a webinar, camping with enthusiasts of arts, and bringing forth new ideas.
  • Visit or watch documentaries on the resilient cultures of the world.

Henceforth, there’s no rocket science behind being innovative and creative for your society. In fact, you have the creative freedom to make it happen according to your pursuit of happiness. After all, it’s all about arts and bringing about innovations!

Interesting facts about world creativity and innovation day

  • The economy that’s risen from creative industries is called the “Creative Economy.”
  • Creative economy is called “the true wealth of nations in the 21st century.”
  • This day is also memorized as a day to talk on social disputes and their solutions including divorce, mental health, child issues, etc.
  • The creative economy suffered a loss of revenue falls, between 20 to 40 percent of the previous revenues during the global pandemic.
  • UN agenda for world creativity and innovation also supports solutions for ¬†poverty elimination and eradication of hunger.
  • UNESCO launched ResiliArt on 15 April, 2020 to cater to culture and art-led personas in the crucial times of the global pandemic. This program functioned digitally and served as an independent online space to peruse one’s ideas through arts.
  • ResiliArt supports the cause of exploring culture and unique forms of arts within uninterrupted boundaries, whereas it’s evolving in 2022 too.

World creativity day traditions

Since its inception, this day has brought forth a never-ending pavement to a better society through mass-level interventions. These interventions include community-based awareness campaigns to sort out social issues with practical solutions, webinars, international seminars, theme-based activities, etc.

Hence, if you classify this phenomenal day¬†based on traditions, then it’s all about:

  • Creating innovation builds spaces where people are free to express their thoughts, whether in the form of a thought-provoking ideology or a revolutionary piece of art. There are uncountable ways of portraying art through digital sources or stage plays addressing potential social issues.
  • Growth of a nation through economy and thinking. People tend to observe and practice rites that go for their personal growth and earn them a reputable presence.
  • Practice skills that can hinder in the way of developmental shortcomings and problems.

World creativity and innovation day Quotes

  • The creative adult is the child who survived. (Ursula Leguin)
  • The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible. (Arthur C. Clarke).
  • Innovation is serendipity, so you don’t know what people will make. (Tim Berners-Lee)
  • The only unique contribution that we will ever make in this world will be born of our creativity. (Bren√© Brown)
  • Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected. (William Flower)

World creativity and innovation day hashtags

According to the official Instagram handle for World Creativity and Innovations, these are the high ranking hashtags for 2022:

  • #WCIW, #WCID, #WorldCreativity, #WorldInnovations, #WCIW2022, #WCID2022.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do we celebrate world creativity and innovation day?

We celebrate this day every year on the 21st of April to pay tribute to effortless services of innovation and creativity in promoting human growth.

How do we celebrate world creativity and innovation day?

We can celebrate the day¬†either with UN’s defined activities or create a celebration of our own. Exploring new ideas, meeting creative people, and finding a solution to our issues, are the essence of the day.

Are creativity and innovation two different aspects?

Yes, these are two different terms that are often correlated. Creativity uses individual ideas and thoughts to create something new, whereas innovation is the product of creativity as a new method, idea, etc.

Is it a holiday on world creativity and innovation day?

No, there isn’t a public holiday¬†on world creativity and innovation day. Instead, organizations host events and seminars to promote the cause.

Is there a different theme for world creativity and innovation day every year?

Yes, according to United Nations, there’s a different theme for world creativity and innovation day¬†every year. The previous year was about celebrating “creative economy,”¬†whereas this year it is about “Harmony”.


Hence, creativity and innovation are the essences of a developed society, community, and nation. It brings forwards new energy and methods to deal with existing crises. The true spirit of the world creativity and innovation week is excelling through one’s unique ideas, spreading peace, generating solutions, and applying long-term and short term goals regarding development and growth through creativity.

A country’s economy can forseek limitless boundaries to success, if it starts to build the creative economy of its own!

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