Search Retargeting


When the ads that the visitors see are based on their search history.


By using the visitor’s search history, advertisers can connect with untapped markets to predict his/her interest. For instance, if a search engine user repeatedly looks for words like ‘clean’, ‘energy’, and ‘environment’ for a certain period, ad providers such as Google, AdWords, or Yahoo! advertising will display ads regarding recycling and environment sensibility, etc.

With the help of search retargeting, the messaging opportunities can be improved in the Niche markets. Specific keyword searches might exist only for a short span of time; however, the individuals making those searches always exist and keep showing interest in that topic. Undoubtedly, it is not easy to replicate the efficiency of the original searches that are seen by visitors when they are showing the utmost interest; however, search retargeting is capable of adding a degree of search-like value to non-search inventory that is less significant.

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