A website containing a suite of most-accessed services, and serve as a starting point and frequent gateway to the browser or the specific niche topic.


Usually, services like search engine directories, emails, news, stock quotes, maps, shopping, messaging, forums, and customizing features are there in web portals. However, these services only make up the most-visited section of the portals, as large ones usually contain a multitude of packaged services.

Providing an endless variety of choices, portals offer one of the best platforms for those who want to do advertising on the web.

Inventory kinds:

  • Category (medium)
  • Keyword (high)
  • Geographic
  • Demography
  • Run-of-site (low)

Marketing patterns:

  • Multi-format sponsorships
  • Text links and search Results
  • Banners and buttons

Related Terms:

Search EngineMetasearch EngineWeb Directory.

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