Most famous AI plugins for ChatGPT-4 directly from OpenAI

Most famous AI plugins for ChatGPT-4 directly from OpenAI

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These AI plugins offer a variety of services, from travel planning and grocery ordering to language learning and restaurant booking. The plugins are designed to enhance user experience and offer new possibilities, but it is important to note that they also come with new risks.

ChatGPT plugins are directly from OpenAI’s.

You can join the waitlist. Several external plugins are available for use right now. Thanks to them, you can plan a trip, order food, calculate anything, book a table at a restaurant, or learn to pronounce words in any language. However, don’t forget that the AI plugins bring new risks along with new opportunities.

New AI plugins can bring new risks to users, such as privacy concerns, security vulnerabilities, and the potential for unintended consequences. For example, a plugin that collects personal information for travel booking purposes could also potentially expose that information to hackers or be misused by the company for targeted advertising. Similarly, a language learning plugin that uses voice recognition could unintentionally collect sensitive information from users, such as their voice patterns or speech patterns, without their knowledge or consent. Therefore, it is important for users to be aware of the potential risks associated with new AI plugins and to exercise caution when using them.


AI plugin for traveling / travelers.

One of the most popular AI plugins is Expedia, which helps bring your travel plans to life. Whether you need to find flights, hotels, or activities, Expedia has got you covered. You can easily browse and book everything you need for your next trip.

It helps users to plan and organize their trips, find accommodations, and explore things to do at their destination. With Expedia, users can easily search and book flights, hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages. It also provides users with reviews and recommendations for restaurants and attractions at their destination. Overall, Expedia is a comprehensive travel tool that leverages AI to enhance the travel planning experience.


AI plugin for searching for flights, accommodation, and rental cars.

KAYAK is another plugin that has proven to be incredibly useful. With KAYAK, you can search for flights, hotels, and rental cars all in one place. You can also get recommendations for all the places you can go within your budget.

It provides recommendations on where to go based on the user’s budget and preferences. The plugin enables users to search for the best deals and discounts across different travel websites and compare prices. It also allows users to set up price alerts and track changes in flight and hotel prices. KAYAK aims to simplify the travel planning process and save users time and money.

Travel brands Expedia and Kayak have become the first to create plugins for ChatGPT, the conversational AI language model developed by OpenAI.


AI plugin for the latest news from political and regulatory information.

Another popular plugin is FiscalNote, which provides access to real-time data sets for legal, political, and regulatory information.

It is used to track policy and regulatory changes that may affect businesses and organizations and to monitor compliance requirements. FiscalNote analyzes and aggregates data from various sources, such as government websites and news outlets, to provide users with insights and alerts on policy changes and trends. It helps businesses and organizations stay up-to-date with the latest legal and regulatory developments and make informed decisions based on the insights provided by the plugin.

This plugin is a must-have for anyone who needs to stay up to date on the latest news and information in their field.


AI plugin for ordering from favorite local grocery stores.

Instacart is another plugin that has become increasingly popular in recent years. With Instacart, you can order groceries from your favorite local stores and have them delivered right to your doorstep. This plugin has been a game-changer for busy individuals and families who don’t have time to go to the store.

Instacart plugin that allows users to order groceries and other household items from local stores for delivery or pickup. The plugin enables users to browse a wide range of products, compare prices, and place orders directly through the app. Using AI technology, Instacart can recommend personalized products and promotions based on a user’s shopping history and preferences. With Instacart, users can save time and hassle by avoiding trips to the grocery store and having their items delivered right to their doorstep.

Klarna Shopping

Price comparator / AI plugin for finding the best offer from thousands of online shops.

Klarna or Klarna Shopping is another plugin that has gained popularity in recent years. With Klarna Shopping, you can search and compare prices from thousands of online shops. This plugin is perfect for anyone who loves to shop online and wants to find the best deals.

It helps users to find the best deals on their desired products from various online stores, making online shopping a convenient and cost-effective experience. Klarna Shopping also provides a range of payment options, allowing users to buy products on credit or make interest-free payments over time. Overall, the plugin helps users to save money, simplify their shopping experience, and access a wider range of products from multiple online stores.

Milo Family AI

AI plugin based on artificial intelligence generates creative ideas for fun activities for your kids.

Milo or Milo Family AI is a plugin that is perfect for parents who need a little help. With Milo Family AI, parents can get superpowers to turn the manic into magic in just 20 minutes each day. You can ask Milo, “What’s magic today?” and get ideas for fun activities to do with your kids.

Milo Family AI-powered plugin is used to assist parents in managing their daily routines and tasks. It provides them with personalized recommendations and suggestions based on their preferences, schedules, and interests. Milo helps parents to manage their time, organize their tasks, and engage in meaningful activities with their children, turning everyday moments into memorable experiences. It also provides age-appropriate games and educational resources to help children learn and grow. Overall, Milo Family AI aims to make family life more efficient, enjoyable, and enriching for both parents and children.


AI plugin helps you to find restaurants, restaurant recommendations, and bookings.

OpenTable is another plugin that is incredibly useful. With OpenTable, you can find restaurant recommendations and book a table right from the plugin. This plugin has made it easier than ever to discover new restaurants and book reservations.

It allows users to search for restaurants based on various criteria such as cuisine, location, price range, and availability. The plugin provides users with a direct link to book a table at the restaurant of their choice. Additionally, OpenTable allows users to read reviews from other diners and earn reward points for making reservations through the platform.

Shop (from Shopify)

AI plugin for faster search of clothes, electronics, or anything in between.

Shop is a plugin that lets you search for millions of products from the world’s greatest brands. Whether you’re looking for clothes, electronics, or anything in between, Shop has got you covered. It is designed to help users find and purchase products from a wide range of online retailers in one place, without the need to navigate to multiple websites. With Shop, users can search for products by keyword, browse by category, and view detailed product information and reviews. The plugin uses AI to provide personalized product recommendations based on user behavior and preferences, making it easier for users to discover new products and brands. The shop also offers price comparisons and alerts for deals and discounts, helping users save money on their purchases.


AI plugin for learning a new language

Speak is a plugin that can help you learn a new language. With Speak, your AI-powered language tutor, you can learn how to say anything in another language. This plugin is perfect for anyone who wants to learn a new language but doesn’t have the time or resources for traditional language classes.

It acts as a language tutor and provides users with the pronunciation of words or phrases in a specific language. With Speak, users can improve their language skills and communicate more effectively with people from different parts of the world. The plugin uses advanced speech recognition technology and machine learning algorithms to accurately transcribe and pronounce words and phrases, making it an effective tool for language learning.

Wolfram / Alpha Wolfram

AI plugin for ChatGPT for calculations, analyzing data, and creating visualizations

Wolfram/Alpha is an AI-powered plugin that provides access to computation, math, curated knowledge, and real-time data through the Wolfram Language and Wolfram|Alpha. It allows users to solve complex mathematical problems, access curated data sets, and perform computations in real time. The plugin is used in a wide range of fields, including science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and is often used by researchers, students, and professionals to perform calculations, analyze data, and create visualizations. The Wolfram/Alpha plugin can be integrated into various platforms, including websites, mobile applications, and desktop software.

In conclusion, AI plugins are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. These plugins offer a variety of services that can make your life easier and more convenient. Whether you need to plan a trip, order groceries, learn a new language, or access real-time data sets, there’s an AI plugin out there for you.

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