Affiliate Manager


This is the person in charge of looking after an online affiliate program for an affiliate merchant.


Common duties are as follows:

  • Hire fresh affiliates and filter applications
  • Offer client assistance to present affiliates
  • Sustain the creativity sections and marketing
  • Chronicle the activity of the affiliate initiative
  • Look for novel strategies to maximize performance using the channel of affiliate marketing

Affiliate management can either be out-sourced (utilizing a 3rd-party professional) or in-house (employing the organization’s own workers). For the former, bigger schemes might require a full-time position of the affiliate manager; In some cases, a committed team of affiliate management. Organizations having minor affiliate schemes might allocate the job of affiliate management to a digital-marketing expert. They may also engage with an out-sourced affiliate-administration organization. Such out-source organizations solve the problem of sticking to a suitable number of workers and offering expertise and engagements inside the affiliate marketing industry.



This affiliate management tool comes with brilliant features of cloud hosting and Self Hosting.


5 Questions For Top Affiliate Manager Josh Spaulding
Marketing Land (July 27, 2012)

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