Which of the following are actions triggered by workflow rules?

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Which of the following are actions triggered by workflow rules?

  • Email ✅
  • Task ✅
  • Field update ✅
  • Record update
  • Record creation
  • Outbound message ✅
  • Time trigger

Correct Answers

Email ✅
Task ✅
Field update ✅
Outbound message ✅


In these types of actions when the date or time comes on which the action needs to be executed, it again verifies that the record is still meeting the criteria or not. If yes then it executes the respective action otherwise not.
There are 4 actions which can be specified in a workflow rule:

  • Email It sends automated emails using an email template. Salesforce provides functionality to create email templates that can be used to send emails.
  • Task It simply assigns a task to a single user, owner, or a role. We can also make sure that a notification email is sent to the assignee when a task is automatically assigned. Tasks should be assigned to roles if they have only one user assigned to that role. If there are more than one user assigned to that role then the task automatically gets assigned to the owner of the workflow rule Users who triggered the workflow rule.
  • Field update – Field updates allow automatic change of a field value on the record that initially triggered the workflow rule. If “Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change” is enabled for a field update action then Salesforce re-evaluates all workflow rules on the object if the field update results in a change to the value of the field.
  • Outbound message – An outbound message sends particular information to a designated endpoint such as an external service. These types of messages can be listened to using a SOAP API. All the above actions can be used as an immediate action as well as time trigger actions. Time-triggered actions which are already triggered are visible in Time Based Workflow Queues.

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