What you can or should do when your Adsense account was disabled or deactivated by Google (maybe for no reason)?

It is frustrating when you log in to your AdSense account but find a message “account is disabled.” You have tried login back many times, but still see the same message in here. What you should now?

I have got also many emails from visitors and readers of my blog asking and searching about why their Google AdSense accounts was disabled and they were looking for what they should do now (or these who always think one step ahead – they are looking for how to minimize the risk that their Adsense account will be cancelled forever).

Because to be honest – a working Adsense account priceless and it’s worth its weight in gold (especially if you are already almost fully financially dependent on it or it completely it makes your living or pay your bills, so you don’t want to loose him).

Many of you asked in the comments section on my blog, so decided to clarify what you can do when this has happened.

Part of my blog is about AdSense monetization and developing websites, running new business and (mainly) about on-line marketing. Maybe you have found the cause of the AdSense account disabling, but still, it is a serious issue for those who are affected. So I wanted to share the best available options what you can do if such things happen to you.

Make sure your AdSense account was really disabled

Sometimes it happens you find that AdSense ads are not appearing on your YouTube channel or website, but you still have access to your AdSense Account. This may occur because your AdSense account has been disabled for a particular website, but the account is still working. It may be because there is a lack of advertisers in your niche.

The best way to confirm the AdSense account disabling is by checking the other sites to ensure that ads are appearing or not. You can also try your friend’s AdSense account to check ads are appearing on the site or not.

Once your AdSense account disabled, Google sends an email stating as much and provides a general answer why your account gets disabled. Google does not explain much about the specific causes of disabling of your account (which is shame to be honest).

To get know more information about it – you can get through Google’s disabled account FAQ or can check out their forum dedicated to disabled accounts.

Why Google disabled your AdSense account?

After reading and talking with the account holders who have had their accounts banned, it becomes easy to understand why their AdSense accounts disabled. But for the newbie, it becomes simple to understand only after some looking into online discussion forums  – because in most of the cases these new users are completely unaware of what is allowed and what is not for the AdSense account holders under Google’s ToS regarding AdSense accounts.

For sure for Google it is extremely important to protect their advertisers and put them above everything else.

Advertisers have far more value and importance for Google than publishers – however even without them the whole PPC ecosystem could work much worse.

So if the advertisers aren’t comfortable they’ll be receiving legitimate and useful traffic, all of the affected advertisers would dry up and us publishers would left the system and Google will loose money.

Even if we don’t always get credit for clicks, get lowered value due to smart pricing, sometimes smart AI evaluate valid clicks as invalid or server in your website completely rubbish ads, we should be happy for that Google is protecting the long-term viability of the AdSense program. Otherwise we would all loose (Google, advertisers, publishers, producers, government etc.😊).

What are the main reasons Google will ban your AdSense Account?

Fraudulent clicks – publishers use different tricks to boost their website traffic. Google is extremely good at determining invalid clicks. They check many metrics and have many protection layers and mechanism (some are drive by AI, some semi-manual and some are completely manual check).

Some publishers have thought that they can increase the revenue from Adsense by letting know their friends and family to click on their ads – but this is a huge risk and not at all worth the minimal rewards you might receive.

Others have attempted to cloak their traffic or use automated software that will click on the sites for them which, of course, is unacceptable and deemed invalid activity. There are many ways how people try to bypass the security mechanism of Google Adsense (and that Google is not able to protect your ads completely is clear – some researches shows that anywhere from 1 in 5 (20%) to one quarter (25%) of clicks are fraudulent. And it is for sure just top of the iceberg as Google probably will never admit that money is slipping through its fingers (or respectively their advertisers money are spent for non-existent users).

That is actually the reason why in recent years were setup many new companies offering protecting your PPC accounts from PPC fraud (however also these tools are used by very small minority of clients and to be honest complete protection is simply impossible.

Fake or invaluable traffic – publishers use different tricks to boost their website traffic. They purchase loads of fake traffic from fake sources or buy sites where most traffic comes from shady sources. (Shady traffic means the traffic that is incentivized or directed from social media, traffic shares, traffic from countries like India etc.)

This invalid traffic is has no interest in the subject it is directed at (do not want to buy anything, not interested in the content at all). But advertisers pay the cost for the clicks without getting a reward. Advertisers waste their money on traffic that will not convert for them. Here SEO is the best way for publishers to bring traffic to their sites.

Invalid clicks – Google has an excellent system to determine invalid clicks. Some website owners ask their friends and family to search their site and click on the ads. But it is not an excellent way to earn handsome revenue.

Some publishers use automated software to get more and more clicks on their sites. But it is unacceptable and deemed invalid activity that Google strictly restricts.

Previously banned users – when you got ban from Google AdSense, some website owners try to sign up for a new account with a new name or use their friend’s information.

Other option is to setup new account with company details. Or change the domain. There are many options you can do and Google will probably not figure out.

But Google has robust tools to catch this; once you identify will be banned. So instead of using these techniques, consider the options I suggest below.

Another option with a significantly lower ratio of happening is when you are banned without any reason. Some AdSense account holders have claimed they have done none of the above actions, but their account has been banned. It is hard to find the reasons for what they have done with their site or account for which they face a ban from Google AdSense. But yes, it can also happen. It is same like with Facebook pages or Instagram accounts to be banned for no reason sometimes (simply AI find something wrong or simply evaluate that there has been some kind of violation).

A possible reason can be that when you told others about your site. Others went to your sites and clicked on their advertisements for help or harm.

It is a must to familiarize yourself with Google’s AdSense Program Policies. Cross-check your business with their policy settings to ensure you are not breaching any of their policies.

How can you recover your AdSense account back?

You have the only way to recover the AdSense account is to file an appeal form to Google. File an appeal here or check out this or this article about the account holder that filed the appeal and was successful.

While the appeal is the only legitimate way to recover the personal account, Google also allows trusted businesses to apply and join the AdSense Program.

You can find many top international AdSense earners running multiple businesses to diversify their account revenue across AdSense accounts or to take advantage of smart pricing rules and policies.

Whatever the reason is, the companies must be separate entities, both from a banking or legal perspective.

It is also essential for the account holders to remember that for whatever reasons their AdSense account is banned from sites, if you put that AdSense code on the same sites, you may again face a ban from Google. If some sites previously harmed the advertisers, they may also harm them when attached to another account.

What are legitimate alternatives to AdSense?

Have you appealed for an AdSense account but been denied? All is not lost; still, you have the AdSense alternatives from that you can recover some of your lost income. Here are the best alternatives for you to recover your lost income from Google AdSense.

Mediavine – It has average requirements to get in but performs well.

MonetizeMore – It has higher requirements, but is a solid CPMs when getting in.

Ezoic – it tends to have lower requirements, but is the next step when graduating from AdSense.

AdThrive – It is almost similar to Mediavine; you can try for any of those to earn good revenue for your sites.

All these sites have some requirements regarding to the traffic source percentage (must be US). Some has very strange technical implementation and almost no technical support (Ezoic is one of them – honestly cannot recommend to use Ezoic to anyone – waste of time and money for implementation and you will probablyduring the implementation get to the info you are not eligible for some reason, tracking code slows site rapidly and you will get practically nothing in return),

Another approach is to take a close look across your websites and monetize those which have the highest revenue and also check if you can match them with the products at Amazon.

The issue for most of us would be that the content would have to be changed from pre-sale content. Some interesting studies have revealed that affiliate advertising, Amazon, pound for pound, is a better-earning source than AdSense. So, you might stop earning money only on fewer sites if you get down from the AdSense program.

It can be an interesting strategy to switch to the Amazon affiliate program from AdSense. If you fail, you can choose a niche for purchasing AdSense websites and strategically shift them to the Amazon affiliate program.

You can check out this AdSense Alternatives review here to find the exact “disaster plan.”

So is it really a disaster when your Adsense was blocked?

It is hard for the AdSense account holder when it gets banned.

If you are the one who is facing this issue, then the above information may help you to find some revenue from your lost AdSense account.

You can try other helpful find different ways and streams to get a new revenue stream (selling backlinks, guest posting, focusing on videocontent – there are plenty ways what you can do after and still can be profitable).

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