What do earned actions measure?

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What do earned actions measure?

  • A) Earned views, earned comments, and earned likes âś…
  • B) Earned conversions
  • C) Earned visits to the website and earned comments
  • D) Earned visits to the website earned views, and earned comments

correct answer

Earned views, earned comments, and earned likes âś…


Earned actions happen when a viewer watches a video ad and then takes a related action on YouTube. The following are different types of earned actions:

  • Earned views increment if a YouTube viewer watches subsequent videos on your YouTube channel or Watch pages. This type of earned action increments whether or not someone chooses to watch the same video again or any other video on your channel.
  • Earned subscribes happen when a viewer subscribes to your channel. This type of earned action provides unique value because the content from these YouTube channels and the channel avatars themselves may be viewed on the YouTube home page.
  • Earned playlist additions happen when a viewer adds the video to a playlist.
  • Earned likes happen when a viewer likes the video.
  • Earned shares happen when a viewer shares the video

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