Viral Marketing


Viral marketing refers to the process of marketing that helps and inspires individuals to convey a marketing message to others.


Viral marketing relies on a high pass-along percentage from an individual to another. If many individuals pass on something to a group of individuals, then the total development rate amplifies swiftly. If these figures stoop down too low, then the rate immediately drops as well.

When we considered the web, all startups seemed to have a viral element to their tactics, or at least they portrayed it like that.

Nevertheless, only some marketing viruses accomplish achievements on a measure like the Hotmail, popularly referred to as the initial standard for viral marketing.


Tools used for viral growth change over time. Here are some current examples:

Contests – VYPER – innovative contests with content upgrades and leaderboards.

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Quizzes – Interact – make shareable and snackable quizzes to grow your email list.

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