Spam Comment (Spomment)

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Comments that are irrelevant and put on a blog just for the sake of providing a link to the scammer’s website.


Spomment is another name for comment spam, and it is a combination of two words, ‘spam’ and ‘comment.’ Generally, they can be detected by their irrelevance to the replies on the blog entry, in combination with a link that lands one on the scammer’s webpage.

Such ‘Black Hat’ SEO tools are employed to enhance a website’s traffic and anchor text. Still, combating blog spam is an easy task with blog site plugins (for instance, Challenge, Akismet, Referrer Bouncer), which deter most of these spomments.

The ‘no-follow’ initiative in search engines also allows web-masters to warn search engines not to provide value to such links in comments on the blog. Still, such comments can only be avoided if spambots are designed to neglect ‘no-follow blogs’ and numerous spamming scripts do not seem up to the mark. In any case, it leads to a reduction in a number of spomments if it renders the approach a little ineffective globally.

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