SEO hacks and tips: How to use AI for rating and getting recommendations for your created content

SEO hacks and tips: How to use AI for rating and getting recommendations for your created content

SEO hack – use AI like a human Google quality rater. Use this script to perform an E-E-A-T / YMYL check on your content.

Go to Google Sheets, select EXTENSIONS > Apps Script and follow the instructions below – see comments below for where to get your API key for openAI.


const MAX _TOKENS = 1000 const GPT_MODEL = “text-davinci-003”

function generateOpenAIRequest(prompt, temperature = 0.7, model = GPT_MODEL) { const url = “https://api[.]openai[.]com/v1/completions”; const payload = { model: model, prompt: prompt, temperature: temperature, max_tokens: MAX _TOKENS, }; const options = { contentType: “application/json”, headers: { Authorization: “Bearer ” + SECRET _KEY }, payload: JSON.stringify(payload), }; const res = JSON.parse(UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, options).getContentText()); return res.choices [0].text.trim();

To use it, proceed it as follows:

  • Open a new Google sheet, select EXTENSIONS > APP SCRIPTS – copy the above script, paste it and save it.
  • Get a free API key for chatGPT and replace PUT-YOUR-API-KEY-HERE in the script, from the script – remove the brackets around the api[.]openai[.]com part of the script
  • Save
  • In cell A1, insert the following text: – PLEASE NOTE You need to remove the brackets from the URL (linkedin URL shortening)
  • I want you to review content for me based on a URL I have provided below. I want you to review content like a Google quality rater according to the rules set by Google (which you can view here https://developers[.]google.[]com/search/blog/2022/12/google-raters-guidelines-e-a-t) in terms of E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authority and trust) – I also want you to consider YMYL (your money your life, where applicable) and Google medic factors depending on the nature and character of the content. I want you to rate the quality of the content on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best and 0 being the worst. You should consider how well the content is written, how well it conforms to Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines for human quality raters, how well the content is structured, whether it makes clear what is being offered, whether it is grammatically correct and well written, and whether it matches the end user’s intent when you compare the main H1 tag to the main body of the content. You should provide clear, actionable recommendations for any areas where the content has a problem, as well as guidance to build expertise and confidence where possible. They should not refer to themselves or make assumptions. The content to be reviewed can be found here:
  • In cell B1, enter the URL to be checked
  • Enter in cell C1 = CONCATENATE (A1,B1)
  • In cell A3 call the function =generateOpenAIRequest(C1)

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