Select the one way not to track app conversions.

Below is the answer and explanation for the question select the one way not to track app conversions.

Select the one way not to track app conversions.

  • A) Using codeless Android Install tracking
  • B) Integrate the Google SDK in your app
  • C) Using an app analytics provider for your AdWords campaigns
  • D) Add a javascript snippet to your website ✅

correct answer

Add a javascript snippet to your website ✅


For Android, AdWords is able to provide advertisers with accurate app download conversion data without requiring that any changes be made to the app. Customers often prefer to enjoy the benefits of codeless conversion tracking while still being able to report conversions in their chosen third-party tool. For iOS, the most accurate way to track app downloads is by using the IDFA (Identifier for Advertising) and reliably attributing events to Google ad clicks and report details to AdWords.

Third-party tracking companies instead provide one SDK to add to your app, and they take care of communicating with each ad network behind the scenes to tell the advertiser which installs came from which network on a single dashboard.

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