Pagejacking refers to the act of stealing a page from the primary site and publishing a copy or near-copy) at another website.


Pagejacking does not confer to getting access to a page on the primary site. However, it means that the original website remains uninformed about the theft.

Pagejackers draw traffic from the site indirectly through search engines. The pages stolen are copies or near-copies of the initial pages. These are provided to the search engine to copy the ranking of the primary sites.

After the submission, individuals rearrange the stolen pages to generate income for those criminals.

Furthermore, to muddle circumstances, thieves often use a disguise. Many big plans are out in the open, though pagejacking is not the only forte of the technically advanced. Several would-be-thieves are of a vigorously low-tech variety.

Tips To Protect Against Pagejacking:

For individuals with expertise and the time on their hands, cloaking is one of the best methods to guard your source code. Like many tools, wrongdoing can be one of the possible outcomes for using cloaking, though cloaking can serve its purpose for legitimate reasons as well. Utilizing cloaking to guard your source code is a precautionary stratagem.

Regrettably, often corrective operations are needed; when your lawyers negotiate with web hosts. But before that, you need to conclude if anyone is making use of your sites without your approval. You can determine this by exploring with chunks of texts utilizing a “specific phrase” option. As the size and intricacy of the phrase are enhanced, the possibilities to find several occurrences of a specific phrase often decrease.

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