National Men Make Dinner Day — 3rd November, 2022

National Men Make Dinner Day — 3rd November, 2022

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A partner who can make more than just a tea is practically every woman’s ideal. Even though there are fewer strict gender roles in society today, some men still haven’t learned to cook or believe that it isn’t a very manly activity. This day aims to put an end to all of that by encouraging men to pick up some cooking implements and prepare a satisfying meal for their loved ones. Ideally, they’ll like it enough to prepare meals more frequently than once a year. So guys, put on your apron and start cooking a delicious home-cooked meal for your sweetheart!

Why is National Men Make Dinner Day named so?

This day was made for women who needed to unwind as well as for men who are unfamiliar with kitchens and appliances. It’s that one particular day when women can take off their shoes, relax on the couch, and enjoy delicious meals prepared by their husbands or boyfriends. There is also no solid evidence that men are simply worse cooks—some of the best chefs in the world are men.

When is National Men Make Dinner Day 2022?

Every first Thursday in November is identified as National Men Who Prepare Dinner Day. For women, it’s a full day off from cooking duties as today is when their husbands take over all cooking duties. This fun-filled holiday encourages men to take charge of the kitchen and cook a delicious meal at home for their loved ones.

5 rules of National Men Make Dinner Day

Rule #1: At least four ingredients must be present in the main dish, and at least one utensil other than a fork must be used.

Rule #2: The man goes grocery shopping to get “all” the ingredients. Bonus points if, prior to purchasing, he inventories the refrigerator and cabinets.

Rule #3: Neither the partner nor any other family members should be in the nearby area of the kitchen during the entire cooking process.

Rule #4: The man puts the food and drinks on the table and lights the candles.

Rule #5: After eating, the man clears the table and loads the dishwasher. The man comes back to the table for a lively post-dinner discussion. The man is now informed of the value placed on his meal. His own account of the experience includes both the pleasures and difficulties it brought. Then his partner embraces him, giving him back his lavish lifestyle!

And these are the no-nos that the man cooking must under no circumstances use when preparing dinner:

  • cotton candy or any other candy
  • take-out pizza
  • left-overs from last night
  • sandwiches
  • anything barbecued

History of National Men Make Dinner Day

Sandy Sharkey, who believed that men can be fantastic cooks and contribute to incredibly delicious meals, was a major contributor to the creation of this day. In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in 1998, she created this unique holiday.

Sharkey claimed that she established National Men Who Prepare Dinner Day purely for amusement. She stated: “It first began as a joke. My husband couldn’t cook and didn’t want to, unlike the husbands of my friends. But since he excels in every other area and is very motivated by challenges, I created this day, wrote down the guidelines, gave him a copy of it, and kindly asked him to take part. He agreed.”

The importance of National Men Make Dinner Day

While cooking a meal for their significant other is the main focus of this holiday, single men who prepare a meal for their mother, sister, or grandmother can also participate. Nothing brings joy like food that has been lovingly and carefully prepared. Men’s cooking adventures are the main focus of this holiday, after all! Additionally, it’s a fantastic chance to finally resolve to trying out a new skill, which is also very beneficial in everyday life.

How to celebrate National Men Make Dinner Day

For men, it’s simple! Cook a meal for your household as a surprise. There are many recipes for quick and simple meals available online and in cookbooks, so if you’ve never learned how to cook, today might be the day to start. You have the option to prepare an easy meal or push yourself by making a more difficult dish. Don’t forget to follow the official rules listed above! Ladies, you can just unwind and enjoy yourself with a glass of wine while reading a good book or watching a new episode of your favourite tv series. To promote the day widely, use the hashtag #MenMakeDinnerDay when posting on social media.

That isn’t the only way to celebrate, though. See these suggestions! Give your kids the tools they need to survive in the kitchen by letting them help you in the kitchen. Your husband and you can both get inspired by watching cooking shows. With your family, decide on a menu for the coming week that everyone will enjoy.

Finally, we conclude our article about this magnificent day with a wise saying:

“Happiness is watching the man of your life cook for you.”

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