Loosen up lighten up day (November 14th)

You know what they say, “When life gives you lemons, squeeze them, and make a lemonade.” This is exactly what loosen up, lighten up day suggests. Life throws a lot of responsibilities and troubles, and sometimes we get a little too caught up in the midst of all of them. No doubt, a certain routine, and precision are required to tackle all the problems but, sometimes, we need to let all of it go and enjoy our life a little.

What is loosen up lighten up day?

Loosen up lighten up day is a special day that we celebrate every year on November 14. Loosen up lighten up day reminds us that sometimes we don’t need to get stressed over our life problems, instead, we just need to smile at them and enjoy our life. This day is also referred to as a lulu day, and it is a great day to spend with family and friends.

History of loosen up, lighten up day

Have you seen the movie Ferris Bueller’s day off? If you haven’t, you definitely need to. This movie is the epitome of loosening up and lighting up your life and how life is all about amazing things instead of it being problematic. Stress is devastating. Anybody who goes through stress can agree with us. If you focus more on the problems, it will automatically fill your body up with a huge amount of stress, and we don’t want that. Therefore, loosen up lighten up day is celebrated to let the people know that it’s okay if you let some things slide. A life without fear or interruptions. Feels good to hear, right?

These are the words you need to live by because they are the key to your happiness and utmost freedom. Life doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be fulfilled with problems all the time. Let them go, even if it’s just for a single day.

How to celebrate loosen up, lighten up day

The only way you can celebrate this day is by letting go. Start your day by putting on your best suit or dress, drive casually to your workplace without having to worry about whether you can make it to work on time or not. If someone cuts you off, don’t get upset, just laugh it off and go on with your day. November 14th is the day when you celebrate freedom and happiness. You don’t have to worry about anything. You just have to let it all go. Loosen up, lighten up!

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