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The META tag is employed to assist in describing a web page’s main keyword/s.


Earlier, extra information was provided by the META keywords tag (shortly, keyword tag) regarding a page (metadata). In theory, it worked. Practically, however, website owners used the invisible META tags in an unintended manner, for example, extra or unrelated tags would be added. Currently, rather than giving supplementary data, they are generally employed to strengthen a page’s already existing content.

The off-the-page paradigm is gaining prominence now and that has reduced the META keyword tag’s value.

Different references are given for this tag. Some use it in the plural (keywords tag), while others employ it in the singular (keyword tag). As ‘keywords’ is employed by the actual tag to define itself, the plural form is more representative.

The keywords tag rests in a part of a Web-page, normally put underneath the META description tag. One should refrain from over-using keywords. This is considered spam behavior by search engines. Keywords and phrases should also be related to the very text of a webpage.

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