Keyword Stuffing


When keywords are overused in an unnatural manner on a webpage for the purpose of search engine optimization.


Webpages are ranked by search engines depending on their connection to a particular keyword entry. Earlier, such connection or relevance greatly relied on the number of times a particular keyword was written on a certain webpage. Therefore, in trying to maximize search engine rankings, writers might excessively use a single keyword. Readily hidden sections, for instance, ALT text and META tags, were provided more value by search engines, and for stuffers, such sections were the chief focus.

Still, this method has been discarded by numerous SEO professionals nowadays. Stuffing pages may even be penalized for such practice and such pages may be avoided, except for phrases that are very unclear and have protracted phrases. On-page criteria (such as keywords) are now equalized as compared to off-page criteria (such as inbound links) to support pages with more reliable and natural text as search engine technology evolves.

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