How does Google discover pages and links?

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How does Google discover pages and links?

  1. robots.txt tells it what to do
  2. Spiders crawl pages and follow links ✅
  3. Quality Raters check things manually

Correct Answer:

  • Spiders crawl pages and follow links ✅


  • Google use several robots – for crawling (to find new content on the website) and indexing robot. Crawling robot digest the site and then send the data to indexing robot (which can differ for mobile and desktop) to evaluate where and at which position should be site ranked.Both robots are using same principles – you have there some kind of “budget” (server power).So your website is limited in a way how many pages can robot crawl/check again for specific website). The number of pages that robot can crawl each day depends on many factors (how is the site evaluated by Google). Basicaly to say the bigger and more updated site with more valuable (= original content), which is engaging (people share this site very often) with long history will be probably crawled more often.

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