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Doorway pages are specially created for specific keywords to have a good rating in search engines. They give access to visitors for visiting the central content.


Practically, doorway pages can be used in many ways. There are innumerable names employed for representing them. Doorway pages can be distinct, general, rich with content, or packed with keywords.

Because of the excessive usage of doorway pages that leads to search engines being spammed, doorways have become controversial. The most obvious misuse of doorways consists of a profusion of pages created by machines resulting in slight changes and in other times, employing cloaking or re-direction results in visitors not being able to see the page they actually wanted to visit. In this way, doorways make a mess that internet users and search engines have to struggle with.

Those who oppose doorway pages argue that it is preferable to spend time and energy on optimization of pages that are incorporated into the website’s content, rather than on the generation of pages. This results in the generation of increased content that appeals to frequently visiting people.

There are various arguments regarding the composition and approval of doorways. A commonly accepted explanation is those sites having content based on databases, that on the other hand, would be hidden from search engines.

It is sometimes claimed that each and every page on a website can be considered a doorway. It is possible to say this but the name “doorway page” would be deficient in meaning and the pages made especially for search engines will have no name.

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