Do you need a web integrator?

Do you need a web integrator?

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If your project requires a web integrator, here are some questions you should ask, and some advice.

You have a web project to implement, but do you know where to start? Do you need a web integrator in your project? Is a standard web (digital) agency enough? Making the right choice at this stage significantly influences the success of your project.

How to know if a web integrator is needed

To make it easy for you to decide, here is a selection of questions that will help you make up your mind whether you need to involve a web integrator.

Preparation and coordination sector

  • Is it a large project?
  • Does it require the involvement of other partners or possibly more than one of your internal teams?
  • Does the project require strong management skills, with a focus on formality and the methodology used?

Marketing and communications sector

  • Does the project require the involvement of other sub-contractors in other fields where the Internet is used – such as SEO, SEM, social networks, lead generation and others?
  • Will you be involving your own advertising or PR agency?

User interface sector

  • In addition to the attractiveness of the website, are functionality and user-friendliness of the interfaces important issues?
  • Do you expect to use multichannel communications?

Development, technical and operational sector

  • Will the project contain specific functional units, which require application of software engineering processes?
  • Does your IT department make demands on the technology/platforms you use?
  • Are you planning further development and require guaranteed response times tailored to your requirements?
  • Is operation of the solution critical for your company/will it be critical? Does it require guaranteed access and a response from the supplier?

Integration sector

  • Do you plan link ups with your internal systems?
  • Are you expecting third parties to be involved in your internal systems or interfaces?
  • Will there be a need for your project to provide structured data to your environment?

If the answer is YES to most of these questions, you will need a partner to help you with the project.


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