Conversion Rates

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Conversion rates refer to the rate of visitants who take aspired actions.


Aspired actions have several structures, ranging from site to site. Samples of these actions include selling commodities, membership certifications, newsletter registrations, software downloads, or several pursuits that exceed page browsing.

An extra-ordinary exchange percentage relies on various determinants; each of them should be adequate to produce favorable outcomes. These include user interest, how appealing the proposal is, and the comfort level that the process provides.

The coordination of the user with a suitable place and time will result in higher interest levels. Well-presented offers that are relatable to the user and value proposition determine the attractiveness of the proposals.

The comfort of the user for the fulfillment of the aspired action depends on the site utility. The usability of the site includes intuitive navigation and fast loading pages.


CRO ROI – This Calculator will help you to easily calculate your desired conversion rate.

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