Bounce Rate

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  • In web analytics, bounce rate shows the % of viewers who quit after taking a look at just a single page.
  • In email marketing, the bounce rate shows the % of undeliverable emails.


Bounce rate is a famous metric utilized in web analytics to explain the efficiency or otherwise of a specific web page. An un-useful/unattractive page often shows a high bounce rate. This is also often a sign of incongruence between a page’s traffic resources and itself. This might be un-helpful ranking (incidental sometimes) for too expansive search items in organic search listings, or because of putting the wrong words in, or due to match kinds in PPC, or forming vague and unclear banners, etc.

Still, the entire picture is not shown by the bounce rate, and therefore it should be utilized in combination with other features and with information about the data and traffic. Despite having excellent content, reference pages and news sites might have higher bounce rates if individuals land on the page for a specified search. In ideal conditions, the home page and other navigation screens boast lower bounce rates.


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