Amnesty International Day — 28th May, 2022

Amnesty International Day — 28th May, 2022

Since the 1960s, human rights have been a heated concern in national and worldwide politics. Amnesty International has always been on the battlefields attempting to make the planet a fairer place, whether fighting for the freedom to marry the individual of our preference or to eradicate injustices like child labor all throughout the globe. Amnesty International Day aims at promoting human rights and increasing awareness of violations, as well as how our daily decisions influence them.

Amnesty International Day is an annual event observed on May 28th of each year. Human rights have been the most contentious issue for millennia. They have been grouped into several sorts, such as the right to freedom of speech, the freedom to marry, the freedom to education, and so on. Numerous organizations from all across the globe have been founded to aim at defending all such civil rights, including Amnesty International.

The group is simply attempting to make the world a more pleasant place to live. The goal of Amnesty International Day is to persuade people of the importance of human rights. The Day also supports human rights and increases awareness of violations of human rights and their consequences.

Why is Amnesty International Day Named So?

Acknowledging the significance of Amnesty International Day is fundamentally about comprehending the significance of human rights. Human rights are essential liberties that all of us have. During WWII, it was demonstrated that basic rights were often not secured. As a result, former US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and the United Nations joined forces in 1948 to address this problem.

The consequence of their work was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Amnesty International fights to enforce and safeguard this statement, and it is this declaration that lies at the center of what Amnesty International Day is really all about. These laws are important because they have been founded on essentials like respect, decency, equity, and justice. These are fundamental rights that each and every human being should have. Unfortunately, violations of human rights occur on a regular basis all around the globe. There is indeed a lot of work that needs to be done, which is why days like Amnesty International Day are created.

When is Amnesty International Day 2022?

Every year Amnesty International day is celebrated on the 28th of May. The day is spent raising awareness and protecting the rights of human beings. This year the day will be celebrated on Saturday on the 28th of May,2022. You can mark the day on your calendar and make plans for the day to raise awareness about human rights and to raise your voice against violation of those rights.

What is the Theme of Amnesty International Day 2022?

The day is marked for just one purpose that is to raise awareness about the protection of basic human rights. The day is celebrated without any specific theme and different individuals and organizations come together to celebrate the day. One can do anything they want to make their contributions in achieving the purpose of amnesty international. Every contribution is treated equally and none is smaller or bigger than the other. You just need to take a step forward to make this world a better place for everyone else too.

History of Amnesty International Day

In the month of July 1961, Amnesty International was founded in London. After hearing about two Portuguese students being thrown in prison for 7 years for “drinking a toast to liberty,” Peter Benenson, an English labor lawyer, was motivated to found this group. Together with Eric Baker of the Religious Society of Friends and a slew of other intellectuals, including professors, authors, and attorneys, they wrote “The Forgotten Prisoners,” which was published in The Observer in May 1961. This sparked a plea, which swiftly evolved into an organization devoted to transforming the globe and ensuring that everybody has access to a minimum set of human rights.

This organization’s diligent efforts have subsequently been critical in exposing breaches of human rights and seeking to influence government policies on their safeguarding. Their work was not always well received, with individuals convicted of anything from spying (1980s Russia) to protecting the criminal element (the Moroccan Government). In reality, they are advocates of the underprivileged and the disadvantaged, working every day to ease the suffering of people all over the world who are experiencing starvation, the rigors of war, and those seeking sanctuary.

What to Do on Amnesty International Day? | Amnesty International Day Activities

It is quite simple to observe Amnesty International Day. Learn more about the various rights that you have. Raise public awareness of the value of human rights and their necessity for them. Help them realize the sufferings of those who were ruled without rights. Look at Amnesty International’s efforts for the betterment of the people and how it has helped them achieve it through various tactics.

It is a day when you may attend a meeting, contribute donations, or start a movement in support of a political prisoner. Use the hashtag #AmnestyInternationalDay to express your views on civil rights and celebrate photographs on social media.

As civil rights violations happen on a daily basis, each day is a human rights day. Create a change by doing your part. You may make a contribution. Your contribution enables others to assist persons living on the street in several nations. Join our fight to overcome systematic racism and gender inequities as an activist. Volunteer and put your commitment to equal rights into practice.

How to Celebrate Amnesty International Day?

The greatest approach to commemorate Amnesty International Day is to help create awareness among your friends and family about the plight of the world’s oppressed. The first step would be to educate oneself about the locations in the globe where civil liberties are most threatened. You may also look for Amnesty International-sponsored events, such as benefit concerts and fundraisers, to help keep the organization operating and to support its initiatives. Amnesty International has done a lot of excellent work over the years, but the obstacles it faces are never-ending, and fresh friends are required with each passing year. So get out there and try to make the world a better place!

Another option to commemorate Amnesty International Day is to spend some time researching the many issues that the organization has assisted with. Several of their major successes include amending Moroccan legislation so that victims of sexual abuse are no longer required to marry their perpetrators. They were also instrumental in obtaining justice for Angel Colon, a torture survivor in Mexico, and in restricting the sale of guns. You may also check out their website to learn more about the many cases that are currently being handled. If you want to swear your loyalty, also there is a petition you may sign. You could even wish to offer them a few moments of your own by contributing at one of their offices throughout the globe.

Facts about Amnesty International Day

  1. The organization was founded by Peter Benenson, a British lawyer, in 1961.
  2. The arrest of two students, which may or may not have occurred, motivated the group’s founder.
  3. Several other similar disturbing instances were discussed by Benenson in his article.
  4. The logo of Amnesty International is inspired by a Chinese proverb “It’s better to light a light than to curse the darkness”.
  5. The Amnesty International Organization is remarkable for its letter writing missions.
  6. Amnesty International’s relationship with Nelson Mandela was complex.
  7. The scope of the Amnesty International Organization expanded gradually.
  8. The organization does not use any government funds.
  9. The organization does not participate in any political or religious activities.
  10. The organization also hosts comedy live performances.
  11. Amnesty International Organization has won the Nobel Peace Prize for its work.

FAQs on Amnesty International Day

What exactly is amnesty, and how does it operate?

Amnesty International raises awareness on violations of human rights and fights for conformity with international laws and norms. It tries to organize public sentiment in order to put pressure on the government where exploitation occurs. Amnesty International regards capital punishment as “the ultimate, irrevocable deprivation of human rights”.

What is the significance of the name Amnesty International?

Peter Benenson, a British barrister, established Amnesty International in 1961. Initially, he intended to file an appeal in the United Kingdom in order to secure amnesty for political prisoners across the globe.

How many nations are represented by Amnesty International?

Amnesty International is a global movement of over 7 million individuals in over 150 nations and territories who advocate for individual rights.

Where is Amnesty International’s headquarters located?

The headquarters of the company is in London. The group was created primarily via the efforts of British lawyer Peter Benenson, who had defended political prisoners in Hungary, South Africa, and Spain and wished to build a collaborative organization for the development of human rights.

Is Amnesty International a non-governmental organization?

Amnesty International (commonly known as Amnesty or AI) is a non-governmental organization based in the United Kingdom that advocates for human rights.

What year did Amnesty International get the Nobel Peace Prize?

Amnesty International received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977 “for universal protection of human rights”.


Amnesty International works tirelessly to safeguard children, women, and men throughout the globe when their honesty, integrity, and justice are violated. The group analyzes and uncovers examples of misuse of resources, people, and authority. You may check into several of the instances they’ve worked on.

This is a worldwide movement comprising over seven million individuals worldwide, making it the largest grassroots civil rights group on the planet. The organization is critical in making the globe a safe haven and improving cultures that require assistance.

On Amnesty International Day you can become a part of the change movement and make your contributions by raising your voice against the human rights violation. You can start by taking small steps and creating a change around you by protecting and educating people about their rights and eventually you will contribute in the betterment of the world.

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