Affiliate Marketing


Profit-sharing among web-based marketers/traders and web-based publishers/salespersons in which remuneration is performance-based and in the form of clicks, sales, subscriptions, or a combination of these comes under Affiliate Marketing.


Generally, the marketers/traders are known as affiliate merchants, and the publishers/salespersons are called affiliates.

Advantages of affiliate advertising comprise: the capacity for making most of the marketing procedure automatic (acceptance and approval of applications, creating special sale’ linkages, tracing and briefing about the outcomes) as well as compensation contingent upon favorable results (views, clicks, subscriptions)

When merchants pay based on performance, much of the risk is transferred to the affiliates. However, merchants are still vulnerable to fraud and risks at the hands of associate sites. Numerous web-based organizations have risen to the top through affiliate marketing. A prime example is, which now has a multitude of affiliate partners. Usually, now industries have key players engaged in affiliate schemes designed identically and going through much the same competitive modifications with the passage of time.


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