What are the best Microsoft Excel alternatives?

What are the best Microsoft Excel alternatives?

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Microsoft Excel is the most important spreadsheet software with more than a billion clients. It is used for creating outlines, tables, reports, pattern recognition, organizing information, etc. Although it accompanies some great capabilities that increase efficiency, it has its specific drawbacks. It is very expensive and is not available on all platforms. In addition, it doesn’t have reliable coordinated effort and synchronization components and additionally needs numerous customization options.

Fortunately, Microsoft Excel does not appear to be the only worksheet creation facility available in the corporate sector. There are several other Office suites with Excel options available for free and paid, which can be a worthy replacement for Microsoft Excel in certain circumstances. This article discusses 5 such alternatives to Microsoft Excel that will allow you to create worksheets and always have an overview of your spreadsheet data.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets can be an exceptional free online version of Excel because it contains comparable components with included features. Google Sheets is a software spreadsheet that has all the components comparable to Excel. In addition to what Excel can offer, Google Sheets offers an extraordinary facility for collaborative endeavours, distributed storage, and ongoing information sharing.

Different individuals can change the sheet in the meantime and all the information will be continuously saved and compared. All information will be shared on Google Drive, which can be accessed from any device anywhere. In addition, you can also use Google scripts to create spreadsheets. They work as plugins that give you the ability to include additional sidebars, change the menu, add dialogue boxes and other similar features. You can even create your own specific scripts to suit your needs. Also, Google Sheets gives you the ability to open, modify, and save Excel documents using the Chrome extension.

Still, you must keep in mind that Google Sheets is still a web application, so it will require more resources to function well.

Advantages of Google Sheets

  • It’s free
  • Requires minimal training
  • Spreadsheets are customizable
  • It’s easy to collaborate with colleagues
  • Disadvantages of Google Sheets

  • Spreadsheets are not very secure
  • It’s difficult to know who edited the spreadsheet
  • Google Sheets price

    Google Sheets is a free tool that doesn’t require any payment.

    Apple Numbers

    In case you are an iOS or Macintosh OS X client, you should choose Numbers and not Microsoft Excel. Numbers is the default spreadsheet tool on Apple devices, which is completely free at the moment. Unlike Google Sheets, which will make you feel at home, in case you are still an Excel client, Numbers has a completely different methodology and interface.

    There are no lines and segments when you create a sheet, rather you are given different formats to browse (created by Apple itself). You can create stunning outlines and tables for your every need.

    With its inherent formats and ability to do whatever you like, this device is ideal for both students and power clients.

    Advantages of Apple Numbers

  • It’s free
  • Easy to use
  • Apple Numbers have plenty of great templates
  • Disadvantages of Apple Numbers

  • Different to Microsoft Excel, so it may be a bit confusing at first
  • Numbers price

    Apple Numbers is free software that requires no payment.

    Microsoft Excel Online

    If you’re really looking for a duplicate of Microsoft Excel, then an incredible option could be Microsoft Office online. This is a Microsoft Office suite that is only available online with a minor expansion of components and does not have some of the force client elements of the desktop application, such as macros, mail union, Group Painter, shading, fringe and bar and so on.

    It offers above-average apparatuses for coordinated endeavours (maybe not equal to Google Sheets) and saves all archives to OneDrive or Dropbox. Spring and pairing are continuous, and you also get a few included polling devices.

    The main drawback is that it has no option to disconnect from the network. In case you don’t have access to the web, the app is practically useless. Since it is online, amassing huge information can cause lapses and frustration.

    Advantages of Microsoft Excel Online

  • It’s free
  • Familiar user interface
  • The file format is supported by Microsoft Excel
  • Great collaboration thanks to the cloud-based approach
  • Disadvantages of Microsoft Excel Online

  • Exclusively Internet-dependent
  • Lacks many features that Microsoft Excel has
  • Microsoft Excel Online price

    Microsoft Excel Online is a free tool that requires no additional payment.

    Zoho Sheets

    Zoho Sheets is another office suite that offers a different variant of Excel. The suite is not as rich if we compare it directly with Microsoft Excel, yet it has some special components.

    It has some powerful arrangement of collaboration tools; it saves and assigns sheets to Zoho’s distributed storage. Still, it has a free form, but it is limited. In free form, you get all the required elements along with 1 GB of capacity. In case you need more space and some additional security and collaboration flexibility, you will have to pay.

    Advantages of Zoho Sheets

  • Easy to use
  • Highly customizable
  • Data are easily shared
  • Disadvantages of Zoho Sheets

  • Limited storage capacity for a free version
  • Zoho Sheets price

    Zoho Sheets has a free version and offers a trial for the premium version. For detailed pricing information, Zoho needs to be contacted.


    Smartsheet is an amazing online alternative for Excel with organization features. Either way, like Excel, it is not a free tool. You simply get a 30-day trial and after that, you have to pay for a monthly or yearly prerequisite. Smartsheet can do virtually everything that Excel can do but includes some additional control and customization options.

    As with Apple’s Numbers, you start with an overview report and can use the format to get started. The facility can be a little difficult for some amateur clients, however, there are tips and video tutorials in the software. You can recreate lines and sections with full control over their visual appearance without much difficulty.

    Some of its notable components include Gantt’s perspective and schedule perspective, linking calls and task records, scheduling and custom reports.

    Advantages of Smartsheet

  • Easy to use
  • Great for project management
  • Disadvantages of Smartsheet

  • More expensive than the competition
  • Doesn’t offer time tracking
  • Smartsheet price

    Smartsheet offers a free trial version. After that, you have two options. The Pro plan costs you 7 USD a month and offers unlimited sheets, unlimited viewers, up to 10 editors on a single sheet (but all of those editors have to have a paid licence), 20 GB storage and can be integrated within Microsoft 365, Teams, Google Workspace or Dropbox. The Business plan costs you 25 USD a month, and in addition to the features of the Pro plan, the Business plan has 1 TB of storage, unlimited automation, can be integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud and much more.

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