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Web hosting refers to the profession of rendering storage, connectivity, and facilities required to assist files for a website.


A web host is a business that renders web hosting facilities. Their proposition administers storage, connectivity, and facilities that individuals name as the web hosting plan.

Thousands of web hosting facilities exist, varying from individual users to worldwide organizations, and several web hosts render various web hosting strategies.

The below-mentioned list is a general checklist with a few aspects to contemplate when locating a web host and a web hosting plan. Your specifications might differ.

Checklist for Web Hosts:

Company – reliability, security, lucrativeness

People – fairness, integrity, professionalism

Location – district, provincial, nationwide, worldwide

Reliability – uptime calculated as a growth rate

Redundancy – several intermediaries to the internet

Availability – able to manage high traffic volumes

Scalability – developed to sustain growth

Hardware – quick servers with quality elements

Monitoring – automated regulation of the network

Backups – better frequency and smooth recovery

Technical Support – expert and considerate

Support Hours – original 24/7 vs. guaranteed 24/7

Response Time – aggregate in minutes or hours

Support Methods – free/toll phone, email, IM.

Policies – admits or declines offensive sites.

Fine Print – does it oppose the big print?

Checklist for Web Hosting Plans:

Operating System – Unix, Linux, Windows, etc.

Disk Space – “storage” – frequently calculated in MB

Additional Space – the cost for surpassing the limit

Data Transfer – “traffic” – frequently calculated in GB

Additional Transfer – the cost for surpassing the limit

Email – POP3, autoresponders, forwarding

Databases – storage space and database type

Scripting Languages – PHP, ASP, JSP, etc.

IP Address – a distinct number for your website

Log Files – the “raw” line-by-line detail of the activity

Statistics – summaries, seldom with graphics

Secure Server (SSL) – required for e-commerce

Shopping Cart – a few hosts render a default cart

Control Panel – web-based account administration

Setup Time – automated, hours, days, or unknown

Payment Terms – monthly, quarterly, yearly, and other

Price – satisfy your needs, and then worry about the price.


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