Three Kings Day – January 6, 2022

Three Kings Day – January 6, 2022

Three Kings Day or ‘El Dia de los Reyes’ is a Christian festival that celebrates the arrival of the three wise men to Bethlehem in Judea on the night of Christmas, according to the Bible. This is celebrated on January 6th, though it has been celebrated on different dates in different countries for many centuries.

The Three Kings Day tradition is also referred to as Epiphany or The Feast of Magi. On the third day of Christmas, we celebrate the three kings who came on a journey to visit Jesus. They were given gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The Three Kings are popular figures in Christian mythology and are often associated with the three gifts that they were given.

When Is Three Kings Day 2022?

Christmas is a celebration that must continue until January 6, the day after the Epiphany, for Christians. Christmas Day is just the beginning of this wonderful period full of celebrations and events. Some events occur 12 times each (12 days), others only happen once per day, like Twelfth Night on January 5th!

On traditional festivals, especially ones like Three Kings Day, gifts are always one of the most interesting parts. Especially for children, it is something to look forward to getting gifts from three wise men. Unlike Christmas stockings or gifts under the Christmas tree, Three Kings’ Day gifts are placed next to the shoes you take off before going to bed. If you are looking for special gifts on Three Kings Day, but can’t find any interesting ones in the shops. You can try designing custom lapel pins for your families. You can design the custom lapel pins with pictures of Three Kings or other your family members on online platforms like Designing the pins with your kids might make the festival even more enjoyable and creative. The custom lapel pin will be a unique gift on Three Kings’ Day.

The History of Three Kings Day

The history and origins of Three Kings Day are based on legends surrounding these three kings: Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar. They are rumored to have brought gifts to baby Jesus from the Orient. The story goes that they came from Persia and that one was Armenian, one was Greek and the third was Jewish.

Three Kings Day celebrates their arrival with children receiving gifts like oranges, tangerines, and lemons. There is also a custom for children to put out sweets for them outside their homes on January 6th as well as receive gifts from their parents or grandparents who have them hidden away.

The three kings of Spain, Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltazar are each said to have brought a gift of bread, wine, and oil to the baby Jesus. This sweet treat is also known as Rosca de Reyes or king’s cake. The king’s crown-shaped cake is an iconic symbol of power and victory. Sweet and delicious, this loaf is made for special occasions and holidays. Pair with a variety of toppings to create a unique taste sensation. The cake is traditionally eaten on December 12th which is in celebration of the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Inside the loaf is a hand-made figurine. Whoever finds it has to host a party for Christmas on 2nd February, becoming the official host of La Candelaria.(Candlemas Day) .The Dia de la Candelaria or “Candlemas Day” is a Christian holiday that falls on the first day of Lent. It commemorates the presentation of Jesus in the temple by his parents, with this token. It is believed that whoever finds it must host a party for that day. The person who finds it will be obligated to invite six people.

Significance Of the Three Kings Day among Christians

The Three Kings Day Celebrations Ring for The Christians to Celebrate- January 6

Three Kings’ Day, also known as Epiphany, is a tradition that is celebrated in many cultures. In the Czech Republic, for example, there are parades and traditional Czech people place themselves in the River Vltava for a chance at finding a wooden cross. Many people from different countries all over the world also dive into bodies of water as some kind of tradition. In Greece and Australia, and among the Greek Orthodox community, in particular, it is known as the “Blessing of the Waters.”

The Eastern and Roman Catholic Churches, along with the Anglican Church, celebrate Epiphany on January 19th. Many other Christian sects celebrate it on January 6th. The Vatican celebrates January 6th with a Church Assembly, blessing their homes and offices.

The pope also releases an official statement,

“We need to arise, to get up from our sedentary lives and prepare for a journey,” Pope Francis said during his speech in 2019. “We also need to shine, to be clothed in God who is light, day by day, until we are fully clothed in Jesus.”

Three Kings Day and Christmas

Three Kings’ Day is often accompanied by Christmas celebrations. The two holidays are similar in that they both have religious connotations and many people celebrate them with family, friends, and loved ones. However, Three Kings’ Day is primarily a religious celebration whereas Christmas Eve is more of a secular holiday. In Uruguay, Three Kings’ Day is also known as Day of the Child — a festive day that is celebrated by children.

El Museo del Barrio, in their article about Three Kings’ Day also mentioned that certain customs of the holiday are similar to Christmas. One example is the holiday caroling (arrandas) and a group meal is shared. The songs that are sung around Christmas also make use of traditional instruments like the güiro, cuatro, and maracas. Nativity scenes often depict the moments that Three Kings’ Day celebrates. And, like Christmas celebrations, they feature Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar.

The Latinx population in the United States has grown exponentially over the past decade, but there is little evidence to show that the trend is being mirrored across Latin America. The Pew Research Center studied the percentage of Latinx people who celebrate Three Kings’ Day has significantly decreased since 1960 when it was observed by 100% of Latinx people. However, in some parts of Latin America, Christmas gifts are given on Epiphany. The tradition of writing letters to the magi is a centuries-old tradition where young children write letters to the three magi. Despite the revolution, this practice is still exercised by a few.

Pope Francis connected between two holidays in his 2019 address, urging everyone to give back to God as well. This not only brings peace and balance into your spiritual life, but it keeps you on the right track as well.

“Let’s ask ourselves this question: at Christmas did we bring gifts to Jesus for his party, or did we only exchange gifts among ourselves?” he said. “If we went to the Lord empty-handed, today we can remedy that.”

Three King Days Around the World

Country Holiday Occasion Date
France Noel A yule log is traditionally burned from Christmas Eve till New Year’s Day. It is cut from a grown tree, and decorated with evergreen sprigs. The yule is often burned while people sing. December 24
Puerto Rico Dia de los Reyes The Three Wise Men are the guests of honor of every Christmas Eve celebration. They are supposed to be greeted by children as they enter the house, but instead they’re met with a box full of fresh cut green grass. The gift is traditionally offered so that the wise men can fulfill any wishes that the children have prayed for them to grant. January 6
Poland Święto Trzech Króli Poland celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ on Jan 6th with a public holiday. On this day, it is customary to mark houses with chalk and incense. This public holiday is also in place for some other countries as well. Evening of the Epiphany
England Twelfth Night A traditional English holiday, where friends and family get together for an evening of feasting, dancing, and theater. January 6
Ireland Women’s Christmas Women are made to rest and do nothing all day. This is a latter occurrence from Christmas cooking and hard work. January 6

The Three Kings Day From 2021-2025

Year Date Day
2021 January 6 Wednesday
2022 January 6 Thursday
2023 January 6 Friday
2024 January 6 Saturday
2025 January 6 Monday

The † M † B † and the year in question

The Catholic Church celebrates the feast of Epiphany, which is not just for Catholics but for all people. On that day, many countries around the world write the abbreviation K†M†B† or B on doors as a blessing sign. In Greek, it’s actually written Xρºς † M † Xρºς*.

You might be surprised, but it’s not possible to know exactly why the letters CMB / KMB are not an abbreviation of the letters of three wise men – Caspar, Melichar and Baltazar. However, most likely KMB is a Latin abbreviation for Christus mansionem benedicat. It is possible that this assumption could have been created in either the second half of the 20th century or earlier, but this saying looks ancient and is not dated anywhere known to me. However, I was able to find information on it from almost every single source which leads me to believe it originates from Latin and is still commonly used by Catholics today.

The three vertical lines of trinity represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and they are not dots between the initials. The symbol of a triple cross on a door will serve as a stop sign against any evil spirits that may enter in the house. If the doors are sealed, it will prevent evil powers from entering.

The Three Kings Day Mexico

The Three Kings Day holiday was introduced in Mexico by Catholic friars during the colonial period and has in many cases taken on a local flair. Children in Mexico receive gifts on this day, brought by the three kings.

Three Kings Day is celebrated by Mexican children today, floating their presents on the rivers of gold, incense, and myrrh. These gifts vary depending on what is available locally – such as marigolds or “papayas” (a type of tropical fruit ), Some children receive gifts from both Santa Claus and the Kings on December 24-25th and January 6th, but it is traditional for children in Mexico to receive gifts one day after Christmas. Santa himself is an importation that came about because of Christianity’s influence.

If you’re traveling to Mexico at this time of the year, there are special markets that might be open 24-7 on Jan. 5 between New Years Day. Some families wait until the last minute to shop, just in case they find something cool for their kids.

Three Kings Day is traditionally an important celebration in Puerto Rico, Spain, and other countries with significant Catholic communities. A grand, vibrant parade is held in Madrid on January 5th.

In Puerto Rico, the Three kings day after Halloween is celebrated as a holiday called Octavitas. After Octavita day, the islanders celebrate 8 more days of festivities before going back to work on November 1st.

Treats Of the Three Kings Day

The Three Kings Day Celebration Bread

The dessert Three Kings’ Bread also known as the Rosca De Reyes, is a delicious and traditional dish that is usually served on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day. This bread is made with an oval-shaped dough and typically has some kind of added flavoring in it such as orange extract, orange blossom water, crystallized fruits, and jam.

The cake is also popular in Mexico & France (under the name “Galette des Rois” which has a similar meaning to “cake of the kings” like Rosca de Reyes) and sometimes varies depending on the recipe. It is found near people’s homes or wrapped up at markets to be given as gifts. In some communities, a tiny baby doll or other small toy is baked inside instead.

The Three Kings Day Gifts

On Three Kings’ Day in Christian countries, people bring to the home of their loved ones three symbols of good luck: a present, a piece of candy, and money. Some scholars interpret this to mean that these gifts are for the child, rather than for God. Others believe that the Three Kinged Men took a gift with them to place on his manger animal (or maybe they had already placed it there). Frankincense, myrrh, and gold together were presented to a king as a typical tribute. This is according to one source from ancient times. Experts say frankincense & myrrh may have been just as valuable as what you think. According to one report in The Chemistry World, their value might have gone beyond just their smell.

Three Kings’ Day is a time of the year when children leave their old shoes out before going to bed on Jan. 5th. In the morning, they get a surprise as one of the Three Kings hands them a gift and fills it with toys.

The Three Kings Day Al-Fresco Feast

The Three Kings Day tradition is rooted in Spanish culture. Traditionally, on this day families would enjoy a big meal. But not just any meal – they enjoy one of the most traditional dishes on the menu: paella, the Spanish dish made with saffron, chorizo, green peas, and chicken.

Latin American countries often have their yearly traditional Al fresco feast celebrations outdoors with food, music, and drink. Traditional dishes such as black beans cooked simply with rice and vegetables, soups & salads made with yuca & nopales, and sautees that include onions, garlic, herbs.

The Three Kings Day Statistics

60,000 Rosca de Reyes

Northgate Gonzalez Market in California sells a lot of Rosca de Reyes each year. So, it appears that the rosca was made for Thanksgiving and is only available for a short time. the cakes are sold in four varying sizes and two different flavors: original and filled. This year, the fillings were guava & cheese or pineapple & cajeta.

2,065.43 meters World Record

Chefs from La Universidad Vizcaya de las Americas were awarded the Guinness world record for the longest Rosca de Reyes bread in 2019. The lengthy bread was 2,065.43 meters long and beat out the previous world holder for being longer than 2,064 meters.

Carlos Tapia, Latin America’s Guinness World Records representative, verified the bread’s length and its new world record, noting that the previous record was held by Switzerland. The ring also included more than 7,000 dolls.

200,000 people annually

Mexico celebrates Three Kings Day every year on January 6th, a day when they make a mile-long cake in the shape of a King’s crown, known as the Rosca de Reyes. More than 200,000 people gather at Zocalo Square to eat a piece or take some home to eat later. In 2018, the Mexican government emphasized that a portion of the traditional dish should be made without sugar for those who need to avoid sweets. This tradition can now be enjoyed by everyone.

Here are the 5 cool facts about Three Kings Day

1. It just doesn’t have one name

Three Kings Day is also widely known as Epiphany, Little Christmas, Theophany, Baptism of Jesus, Denha, and Dia de Los Reyes.

2. Custom cakes

Some cultures make the traditional Rosca cake with a Jesus figurine inside the cakes, after the rituals of Christmas.

3. There may have been more than 3 Magi

The Bible doesn’t specify the number of Magi who visited baby Jesus

4. Jesus received interesting gifts

Gifts were given to Jesus. Each is from a different culture and with different symbolic significance.

5. Treat filled shoes

No matter what time of year it is, children do their best to make the camels of the Three Wise Men happy by filling their shoes with treats. In return for their service, they receive presents.

FAQs for three kings day

What To Do on Three Kings Day?

1. Get a “Rosca de Reyes”

New Orleans is home to many traditional celebrations and events, especially The Epiphany. The followers must bake The King Cake. The cake typically includes cinnamon, sugar, eggs, and flour. Recipes can be found online a lot easier than in the past, but different fillings can still be made with sugar and cinnamon for the icing if desired.

2. Read the Bible

More and more people are choosing to celebrate Christian festivals instead of traditional secular ones. Twelfth night (Epiphany) celebrates the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist, who is celebrated in the book of Mark. The word “Epiphany” also means “manifestation” and revel in the revelation of God through human-form Jesus Christ. This can be read at the start in Matthew 2:11.

3. Jump into some ice-cold water

The Three Kings swim is an annual tradition in Bohemia. The three kings are the personifications of the three traditional Christian virtues: faith, hope, and charity. On Jan 6th people traditionally leave a bunch of gifts for them. In Prague, the event is called The Three Kings Swim for Charity. These people put on swimwear. They put them on and jumped from a barge into the water, revealing that they were going to drink mulled wine and eat tasty Czech snacks.

Why Do We Love Three Kings Day?

1. You are showered with more gifts

In Europe, children look forward to receiving more gifts on Three Kings Day, lining their shoes up outside their doors so the Three Kings will know to leave their gifts inside. On the eve of their arrival, children in Europe wait for three kings to come and leave gifts. These gifts vary from small trinkets, such as a coin or a piece of candy, to larger presents like toys and stuffed animals. The tradition is to put your shoes outside of your door so the Three Kings will know to leave their gifts inside.

2. An excuse to eat more

The Three Kings Day is an important holiday celebrated by many South Americans in Mexico, Colombia, Cuba and Peru. The date of the holiday differs depending on the country. The main part of the celebration is a delicious dinner where a “Rosca de Reyes” or King Cake is crowned with a special icing made with egg whites, sugar and cinnamon.

3. The traditions are fun

Some families leave a trail of hay behind for the Three Kings’ camels to eat. The camels usually leave gifts in goodie bags for children to follow and find.

How To Slay the Three Kings Day Celebrations?

To celebrate Three Kings Day, you should have a large meal with your family and friends and enjoy the day. It’s not that hard – it all starts at home!

You can get involved with all of the traditions mentioned earlier. Why not try your hand at making a Rosca de Reyes if you have never done so before? You can find lots of recipes online for this cake, and we promise you; it’s delicious! Trying this cake recipe is a fantastic idea. With just a few ingredients, and a little bit of effort, you’ll soon be loved by everyone. The ethereal frosting will leave people greedily eating every last crumb, while the pureness of the flavor makes it irresistible.

While it may seem like a random thing to do, this celebratory event is a tradition in Prague. Every year, people take on the swim tradition, enjoying the company of friends and family. People are always jumping into the cold water at the Czech Cultural Centre to cool down and enjoy some sweet, warm treats afterward. They can also be found enjoying the beautiful sight of a firepit by themselves. It is an amazing experience to watch locals spend a weekend partying outdoors, running through the grass and playing board games near an outdoor fire.

Three Kings Day Holiday – What are the Customs and Traditions?

As the most important day of the year, Three Kings Day is celebrated in many different ways around the world. It has been celebrated for centuries with the same meaning – giving thanks and respect to God, who had three sons: Jesus, Moses, and Mohammed.

This holiday is both a religious one and a family one. Families gather around Christmas trees to share stories about their pasts, celebrate their heritage as well as enjoy food and drinks. And there are many ways to celebrate this holiday, but it’s all done in light of tradition. The most popular custom of this holiday is to hold a Christmas tree up to receive gifts. Another popular custom is to give gifts in exchange for “Kisses from the three wise men”, which are given by children or grandchildren on this day, who traditionally kiss the recipient’s cheeks three times.

The Three Kings Day in All its Glory

The tradition of Three Kings Day varies depending on geography and influence, but in general it has an emphasis on giving gifts. But, for those who believe, families will find a way to celebrate Three Kings’ Day despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

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