National have a bad day day (19th November)

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It feels kind of weird to hear that we celebrate a day named “national have a bad day day”, but, it’s a real thing, guys. Each one of us goes through bad days, but why should we suffer alone? So, whenever you have a bad day and you see someone walking past you, wish them “have a bad day” but you have to do with the brightest smile on your face.

Learn about have a bad day day

Bad days are inevitable and we all face tons of bad days. We don’t think that such a person exists who doesn’t have a single bad day in his or her life. It doesn’t matter if it were one of your school days, workdays, or normal routine days. Bad days happen and they happen a lot.

Are you thinking about a bad day you had recently? Well, to compensate for that, we bring you have a bad day day that motivates you to take hold of these bad days and stop stressing over them so much!

Although originally have a bad day day was created for the people present in the customer services industry which we will discuss later in this article. But, this doesn’t restrict us from celebrating this day on our own. Anyone who has faced a hard, bad day can celebrate it in full gist. You may go through lots of highs and lows in your life, but do you know what truly matters? The way you handle them and this is the purpose of this national have a bad day day.

History of have a bad day day

Every job is tough, there’s no doubt about that. But which job makes you suffer the most? A job in the customer services industry. If you’ve never worked in this industry, you’re lucky, my friend. You may have bad days but the guys in the customer service industry have had it worst. We all have been customers at some point, and, believe it or not, we all have been the reasons behind why these guys suffer every day. Retail customers can really turn a good day into a bad one but this national have a bad day day provides our customer service industry heroes with a chance to retaliate with the same energy.

National have a bad day day was created by the founders of, Ruth and Thomas Roy. The main aim of this day is to let their customer service agents have a day where they can say “have a bad day” to their customers. You’re accustomed to hearing have a good day from your customer services agents, right? Well, you probably won’t hear them say that on this day.

This change in the compliment can take many people by surprise, and even make some of them laugh out of astonishment. Plus, it can be a good thing for the people who are fed up with being all sweet and polite to the customers because this day provides them with a chance to be impolite, even if it’s just for a day. We strongly suggest that you stick to this approach where you wish people that they have a bad day rather than being ignorant and rude with them all the time.

The phrase, “have a nice day!” or “Have a good day”, has been with us for a very long time and but this day changes everything. Even after talking to a rotten customer, the customer service agent has to end the chatter politely using one of those phrases. However, the agents can strike back to such rotten customers with a passive-aggressive phrase, “have a bad day!” conversed in the cheeriest tone that they can muster. It puts all the customers in confusion about whether that was an insult or not. We say let their confusions run wild for some time.

How to celebrate have a bad day day

I guess it’s pretty much covered in the above sections. The national have a bad day day is your one-day opportunity to tell the worst of the worst people “have a bad day” in the brightest and cheeriest tone. Even if you don’t work in the customer services industry, you can tell this to someone and leave them bewildered. Let your evil side come out and bring wrath to anyone who had it coming.

We’re just talking about wishing people a bad day but you don’t have to go through one. We’re not suggesting that you sit at home, go over all the bad days you had, and be sad. But, if you’re facing a bad day, try to accept it, and move on.

When you smile bright, you see a difference in yourself despite having difficulties in your day-to-day life. Not only yours but also you can lighten up someone else’s day by assuring them that it is okay to have some bad days. Embrace the bad phases of your life. It only helps in the growth of a human being. So, remember to celebrate this national have a bad day day because you deserve it!

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