Managed WordPress Hosting

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Managed WordPress hosting refers to the web hosting developed especially for WordPress, where the hosting company performs regular maintenance tasks.


Managed WordPress hosting confers to plans developed and modified for WordPress. Do not mix this up with do-it-yourself (DIY) methods that hardly let you install WordPress or processes that involve WordPress installation script. A managed WordPress hosting aims to clarify most technical complications continuingly.

The key advantages of this technical clarification are calmness and saving time. As compared to general shared web hosting, managed WordPress hosting renders more traits at an enhanced price. The requests for such services have increased in WordPress-only hosting companies. The reputation for initiating WordPress-only hosting companies had led several firms to join the “Managed WordPress” team. There are doubts as to which firms are working up to premium-hosting standards, as there are not many sets of standards that define a WordPress hosting plan.

Some characteristics:

  •  Maintenance: 

Automated backups and upgrades.

  •  Speed Optimization: 

Configured cache, integrated CDN services.

  •  Security: 

Configured permissions, plugin checking, and malware scanning.

  •  Support:

Technical support rendered by diligent WordPress experts.


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